The importance of preventive dentistry and brush handpiece for professional cleaning

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The importance of preventive dentistry and brush handpiece for professional cleaning

It is often said that oral conditions have an impact on overall health. Research has shown that periodontal disease affects overall diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and vascular disorders. Therefore, not only treatment but also prevention has been become more important in dentistry.

Because of this trend, PMTC (Professional Mechanical Tooth Cleaning) has gained much attention. PMTC is regular maintenance done by doctors or dental hygienists using dedicated devices to clean teeth that patients can’t clean enough by daily self-care.

The YU-100 is a handpiece specifically for brush cleaning designed for PMTC. Its major characteristics are as follows.

  1. The vibration source is designed to transmit the optimized vibration to the tip of the brush. Therefore, it doesn’t need to adjust the power during use and is ready to use when just connecting to a handpiece hose.
  2. It is irrigatable. Bubbles generated by the vibration and water sprayer that come out from the center of the brush have a strong cleaning effect. It allows for a wide range of treatments, including the destruction of biofilms and plaque removal. When stopping the water supply, it can also remove mild stains by using polishing pastes.
  3. The compact shape and optimized angle of the brush holder allow easy access to various intraoral sites and good maneuverability even in a narrow space, such as the distal side of terminal molars. The small brush with the optimized bristle length makes cleaning around braces much easier without being caught in wires or brackets.

The YU-100 provides easy plaque removal by lightly applying the brush on tooth surfaces. Patients even feel the comforting vibration in addition to its powerful cleaning effect. The good maneuverability enables to shorten the cleaning time, and it reduces both the mental and physical burdens of users and patients, according to the company.

Regular maintenance is essential during orthodontics treatments, and the YU-100 is the best handpiece for it, the company asserts.

Four types of brushes are available according to tooth forms and treatment sites. Four types of connections are available to adapt to major handpiece hose brands.

For more information, call a dealer, Handpiece Solutions Inc., at (888) 488-3885, visit or visit a manufacturer, Micron Corporation, online at