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Navident 2 streamlines, simplifies workflow with navigation guidance

Similar to the way in which a GPS system guides a driver, Navident by ClaroNav guides clinicians by using the CBCT image as a map. It offers surgeons an easy-to-use, accurate, highly portable and affordable means of planning restorations and implant placements.

With Navident 2, clinicians will no longer need to do a special, extra scan. They can use the diagnostic scan already available for the patient. The stress of stent making is also gone because a stent is no longer required.

Trace and Place (TaP) is a game-changing development for dynamic navigation, the company asserts. With TaP, the Navident workflow is streamlined, efficient, user-friendly and seamlessly integrated into the daily practice.

“Trace and Place is a real tipping point for dynamic navigation guidance,” said user Dr. George Mandelaris, a periodontist from Chicago. “It has streamlined and simplified the workflow in both the diagnostic and surgical phases to allow state-of-the-art technology to be an everyday component of my surgical implant practice. I cannot imagine going back.”

Implantology specialists who have used Navident 2.0 have said they have experienced negligible operator stress, improved time efficiency and an increase in patient acceptance, according to the company. The accuracy offered by the new version, combined with the need for minimal tissue manipulation, is conducive to a shorter and better recovery process for patients, the company asserts.

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