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The Junior Lift by Crescent Products

The Junior Lift is a foam support cushion. (DTI/Photo Crescent Products)
Judy McDonald

Judy McDonald

Wed. 5 May 2010


Do you have difficulty getting your smaller-sized patients properly positioned on your dental chair? Are you constantly asking them to reposition themselves, hoping this will enable your patient to fit the chair a little better?

Is performing procedures more difficult for you because of this problem? If you find yourself dealing with this very situation, rest assured, there is a solution.

Crescent Products recently developed a product to permanently alleviate the problem of smaller patients not fitting the dental chair properly. The Junior Lift is a foam support cushion designed specifically for the dental chair. It boosts your smaller patient to a better and more comfortable position in the dental chair, raising the height of the patient.

Additionally, the Junior Lift allows the patient to reach the headrest on the dental chair more easily. The cushion simply rests in place on the chair and is ideal for older children and smaller adults up to about five feet in height.

As with all comfort products by Crescent Products, this support is covered in a soft vinyl that can be easily cleaned with disinfectant. The anti-slip material on the bottom keeps the Junior Lift in place.

With the introduction of this new product, performing procedures on smaller patients has never been easier. The Junior Lift is a must-have for every dental practice. It is also available in three colors: teal, beige and gray.

More information is available from Crescent Products.


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