Surgical Specialties is now Corza Health

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Surgical Specialties is now Corza Health


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(Photo: Corza Health)

Fri. 5 November 2021


Corza Health announced earlier this year that it has merged with Surgical Specialties — a company known for its extensive selection of solutions, from the simplest wound closure to the most complex microsurgery — to create a new surgical technology business: Corza Medical.

The newly merged companies will now offer surgical products, including the TachoSil fibrin-sealant patch, the Sharp- oint Plus and Look surgical sutures, and Sharpoint knives. Financial details were not disclosed.

From headquarters in Westwood, Mass., Corza Medical will operate in 13 countries in North America, Europe and Asia and will have manufacturing sites in the United States, Mexico, Germany, China and the UK.

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