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Providing orthodontists with clinical freedom and workflow efficiency

Ormco’s custom Jigs technology is designed so the ‘cap’ wraps around the tooth buccally and lingually. (Photo: Provided by Ormco)
Ormco Staff

Ormco Staff

Tue. 26 December 2023


Ormco Corporation has announced the launch of Ormco Digital Bonding (OBD). With this development, doctors can streamline daily workflow and achieve customized bracket positioning by leveraging Damon Ultima brackets and the Spark Approver Software.

Ormco Digital Bonding makes bracket bonding consistent. In addition, orthodontists can use their digital workflows for all patients and easily make choices across multiple treatment options in the software.

Doctors will also have increased flexibility to treat patients with even more treatment modalities.

Key features of Ormco Digital Bonding include:

  • One case submission portal for Ormco Digital Bonding cases and Spark Clear Aligner cases.
  • Digital treatment planning and digital bracket placement interface with Spark Approver Software provides one easy-to-use software platform for Ormco Digital Bonding cases and Spark Clear Aligner cases.
  • Damon Ultima Brackets, the first true full-expression orthodontic system designed for faster and more precise finishing. It is completely re-engineered to virtually eliminate play for precise control of rotation, angulation and torque1,2

Ormco is uniquely positioned to provide doctors with the clinical freedom they want to treat patients their way. Now with Ormco Digital Bonding, Ormco has leveraged its premiere orthodontic solutions to provide orthodontists with even greater flexibility, more treatment options and an overall trouble-free workflow.

”Ormco has a consistent track record of clinically-focused orthodontic innovation and is dedicated to providing doctors with the tools and resources needed to achieve clinical excellence,” said Eric Conley, president of Ormco. “Our latest example is Ormco Digital Bonding, which combines the best of our orthodontic solutions in brackets and aligners. We’re excited to provide doctors with yet another modality that increases clinical freedom and flexibility to grow their practices.”

“Where precision and efficiency are paramount, Ormco Digital Bonding brings a unique approach to indirect bonding of orthodontic brackets utilizing the proven technology of the Spark Aligner Platform,” said Dr. Michael Mayhew. “Integrating advanced digital treatment visualization, technicians mesh treatment plans and bracket selections to provide orthodontists with optimal setups. A unique printed jig system carrier design ensures precision bonding saving valuable chair time for bonding accuracy, predictably enhancing the patient's treatment journey.”

Ormco Digital Bonding is now available in the United States and will soon be available in Canada and Australia. To learn more about Ormco Digital Bonding and to request a demo, visit go-orm.co/odbdigitalbonding or watch the video.

Editorial note:

1. Data on file.
2. Wires not included.

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