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PinkWave from Vista Apex receives Catapult Vote of Confidence

By Dental Tribune USA
August 06, 2021

RACINE, Wis., USA: Vista Apex, known as a market leader in endodontic and restorative solutions, has received the Catapult Vote of Confidence for its PinkWave QuadWave curing light.

According to Vista Apex, PinkWave is the first-of-its-kind curing light equipped with patented QuadWave technology utilizing UV, blue, red and near-infrared (NIR). PinkWave has a 113m2 curing area. For clinicians, this allows complete curing of any size restoration in a single curing cycle. Due to its slim design and decreased weight, PinkWave is easily accessible for posterior restorations without creating patient discomfort, the company said. PinkWave also features a built-in transilluminator for crack and caries detection, offering improved diagnostic capabilities.

Lou Graham, DDS, founder of Catapult Education, said, “The overall feeling from the vast majority of evaluators, this light is a winner. With such, Catapult is proud to give this product, The Catapult Vote of Confidence.”

The evaluators at Catapult Education clinically tested and reviewed the curing light, and 90 percent of those evaluators felt the reduction in composite shrinkage was a valuable feature of PinkWave. Eighty percent evaluators found the light to be ergonomic in design, and 73 percent found it easier to reach difficult areas to access with the PinkWave, according to the company.

“I think this light has a lot going for it. First, this light is powerful,” said Catapult evaluator Daniel H Ward. DDS. “It is easy to use, and the pink gives it a ‘coolness’ factor. It has a sleek design and is ergonomic. I am anxious to see how the additional red and near Infra-red LEDs improve the physical properties.”

(Source: Vista Apex)

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