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A new paradigm in surgical training

June 29, 2014

In 1985, Dr. Gary Carr introduced microscopes and ultrasonic handpieces to the specialty of endodontics in an effort to improve the quality and outcomes of surgical retrograde procedures. Before this, we used micro-head handpiece attachments that were still too big to use effectively, and their gears were prone to seizing up in the middle of the retro-prep procedure.

Controlling tissue contours with a prosthetically driven approach to implant dentistry

June 25, 2014

With continual improvements in the design and production of implant systems and restorative components, the consistent results, predictability and long-term prognosis offered by implant therapy is making the treatment an increasingly popular technique for replacing missing teeth. The esthetics, durability and precise customization offered by modern prosthetic components enable clinicians to provide ideal final restorations their patients can depend on.

Guided bone regeneration treats implant lesions

June 24, 2014

Oral implant surgery is complex and not without complications, one of which is an implant periapical lesion (IPL). If the lesion site becomes infected, it can lead to an abnormal growth, persistent inflammation and tenderness. However, a procedure that allows complete bone-regeneration at the implant related lesion site shows promise in treating the resulting bone defect and infection.

Genetics 101: Utilization of patient DNA to assist the dental professional

June 17, 2014

There have been remarkable advances in oral health made possible by the science of bioengineering — including the ability to uncover many health secrets that lie hidden within our saliva. Biological engineering is fundamentally concerned with not just basic science, but its practical application to solve real-world problems in a cost-effective way.

Restoring the edentulous arch with BruxZir full-arch implant prosthesis

June 12, 2014

Fixed hybrid dentures have been used to successfully restore fully edentulous patients for decades. Their durability, however, leaves room for improvement. There are three issues that can complicate the long-term success of the traditional fixed hybrid denture: The acrylic teeth tend to wear; the teeth can fracture or dislodge from the acrylic base; and the acrylic base itself can fracture.

Biological allograft products applied to dentistry

May 29, 2014

The advent of human bone grafting has led to applications within the specialties of dental and sinus reconstructive surgery for corrections to maladies such as ridge augmentations, sinus elevations and repair of other bony defects. There are a myriad of specialized allograft products for various dental, oral and sinus reconstruction.

Protective extraoral and reinforced instrumentation strategies

May 27, 2014

Imagine working in your profession as a dental hygienist without ever experiencing work-related pain. Dental hygienists expect to have long careers once they enter their profession after graduation. Unfortunately, having a long career in dental hygiene can be problematic if protective reinforced instrumentation and ergonomics are not implemented.

Passive micro-volume management of sodium hypochlorite in endodontic treatment

May 22, 2014

The passive utilization and micro-volume management of sodium hypochlorite as an endodontic irrigant has been illustrated with a laboratory demonstration and several clinical cases. By limiting the volume and pressure of sodium hypochlorite, the injurious effects can be minimized while still benefiting from the ideal disinfecting characteristics.


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