Women in Dentistry Rise hosts annual breakfast at CDS

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Women in Dentistry Rise hosts annual breakfast at CDS

Attendees of the Women in Dentistry (WID) Rise annual breakfast, held Feb. 23 at the luxurious LondonHouse Chicago. (Photo: Provided by Glidewell Dental)
Dental Tribune USA

Dental Tribune USA

Fri. 24 February 2023


The 2023 Chicago Dental Society (CDS) Midwinter Meeting served as the backdrop for a return of the Women in Dentistry (WID) Rise annual breakfast, held Feb. 23 at the luxurious LondonHouse Chicago.

Conceived in 2013, the breakfast has become an inspirational gathering of female leaders attending the CDS Midwinter Meeting, enjoying enthusiastic support from company sponsors in providing an exciting, interactive annual event. Hosted in its ninth year by Glidewell and the Dental Trade Alliance (DTA), organizers and invitees were pleased to reunite after a pandemic-induced hiatus.

Sponsors of the Women in Dentistry Rise during the annual breakfast.

“We’re honored to host this year’s event and participate in the renewal of its growing tradition,” said Stephenie Goddard, CEO of Glidewell, and Amy Moorman, vice president of operations at DTA. “It’s invigorating to see and learn from so many passionate, accomplished individuals.”

Despite a notable growth of women among dentist graduates, representation within the dental industry remains distinctly one-sided — whether exploring practices and laboratories; manufacturing and research communities; or publications, lecture podiums and university faculties.

“Women need to support each other,” said Valerie Berger, program co-founder and director of business development–dental at BroadcastMed. “Although the gender and ethnicity composition of the dental industry is changing, it remains a male-dominated profession across the wide spectrum of professional positions within the industry.”

WID Rise is a not-for-profit platform that supports, inspires, enriches and empowers the leadership role of women professionals in the field of dentistry. Members are committed to advancing the voice of women dental professionals and celebrating their success through education, scholarships, networking events and national recognition.

Formerly known as Women in Dental Technology (WIDT), WID Rise rebranded in 2020 to reflect the organic attraction of clinical professionals to its foundational fellowship of laboratory professionals. Organizers are assembling a board of directors to continue to elevate awareness and expand their scope of positive influence.

Editorial note:

To learn more about WID Rise and its not-for-profit platform, stop by the Glidewell booth, No. 2618, during the Chicago Midwinter Meeting.

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