Why dentists need a secondary income

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Why dentists need a secondary income

You could have a lifestyle-business that compensated you better than you ever imagined. (DTI/Photo Sgame, Dreamstime.com)
Kevin Thompson

Kevin Thompson

Thu. 26 August 2010


Though they may not admit it openly, many dentists are extremely frustrated with their practice. How can I be so sure? Simple. I’ve spent time talking with many of them, and have been amazed by how open and candid they’ve been with me. Maybe it’s because I’m not associated with the profession, and they know their secrets are safe with me?

I was recently in Louisville, Ky., speaking with a group of dentists, and that evening I had the opportunity to speak privately with one dentist in particular who told me how frustrated he was with everything that was happening to him.

His practice was completely controlling his life, and he felt trapped. He found himself adding and adding to the list of things he had to do in order to grow his practice — and now he was becoming increasingly frustrated with the whole process.

In November of last year, I was in Las Vegas, speaking for another group of dentists, and the same thing happened. When the Vegas event concluded, several dentists stayed afterward so they could speak with me privately. Surprisingly, I heard much of the same story that I’d heard in Louisville months earlier.

I’ll never forget the conversation I had with one of those dentists. He was almost in tears as he told me about his situation. Though he had a thriving practice that provided him with a great lifestyle, his personal life was a mess. His wife was preparing to file for divorce. His daughter wanted nothing to do with him. Basically, his entire personal life was “caving” in on top of him, and he was desperately searching for answers.

At this point, you’re probably wondering, who in the heck I am and why are so many dentists coming to me for advice? My name is Kevin Thompson (and though you and I come from different worlds), we have more in common than you might imagine.

In 1996, I started my first business with huge dreams and aspirations. By 1999, I had a business that was massively successful by most people’s standards, but I was completely miserable. And as I began to look at what I’d created, I thought to myself, “This is not what I had in mind when I originally started going down this path.”

To make a long story short, I took swift action to remedy the situation.

Now, I have a business that compensates me more than I could possibly imagine, for doing what I love doing, and this business fits in perfectly with the lifestyle that I’ve chosen to live. Since figuring out how to have a “lifestyle-business” of my own, I’ve now been on a mission to help as many other people as I can by sharing my discovery.

So, let me ask you a question: If you woke up excited every morning knowing that you’d be spending your day doing what you loved, and that you got compensated extremely well for doing it, what’s the thing you’d most want to be doing? Because the fact is, life is too short to spend all your time doing stuff that you don’t even enjoy.

What if I were to tell you that you could have a lifestyle-business that compensated you better than you ever imagined, was more fun than you ever imagined, and you wouldn’t have to sacrifice your integrity, family or health in order to make it happen? In my business I collect $100,000-plus per month with less than 15 percent overhead, have no stress and have zero employees.

To find out if this is a right fit for you, contact Excellence in Dentistry.

P.S. If you currently enjoy your dental practice, what would happen to your income stream (lifestyle) if you become disabled?

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