There was plenty to learn at AGD’s Annual Meeting in Baltimore

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There was plenty to learn at AGD’s Annual Meeting in Baltimore

In one of the most significant presentations at the AGD meeting, Dr Neil R. Gottehrer and Dr Marvin J. Slepian explained the connections between periodontal disease and cardiovascular disease. The practitioners were on hand before their presentation at the ChaseHealthAdvance booth. From left are Dr Neil R. Gottehrer, Travis Williams, Rebeka Buckman, Susan Richardson and Dr Marvin J. Slepian. (DTI/Photo Fred Michmershuizen)
Fred Michmershuizen, DTA

Fred Michmershuizen, DTA

Mon. 24 August 2009


BALTIMORE, MD, USA: Those who attended the Academy of General Dentistry’s 57th Annual Meeting & Exhibits, held recently at the Baltimore Convention Center, were able to keep up with the very latest in education and technology. Participants were able to choose from more than 40 hands-on courses and lectures, and more than 190 exhibitors showcased the latest in products and technology.

The AGD reported in a news release following the meeting that despite the current economic conditions it broke several organizational records and met many of its annual meeting goals in Baltimore.

“Each year we strive to provide our members with a memorable experience full of quality continuing education, networking opportunities and the latest advances in technology that they can take back to their practices,” said David F. Halpern, DMD, FAGD. “We are proud of the success of this year’s annual meeting and look forward to an even greater meeting in 2010.”

“Although many organizations were affected by a decrease in annual meeting attendance, careful strategic planning and promotion of AGD2009Baltimore led to one of the AGD’s most successful years,” said Dr Halpern, who added that about 2,000 dentists, 1,300 dental team members, and 300 students attended the meeting.

The opening ceremony featured a keynote address by hometown hero Cal Ripken Jr. The baseball legend, whose name is synonymous with strength, character, endurance and integrity, shared his philosophy of working hard, playing with passion, enjoying the game and giving back to the community.

Ripken, who was born and raised outside of Baltimore, is best known for playing 21 seasons with the Baltimore Orioles as both shortstop and third baseman. His name appears repeatedly in the record books: He holds the record for most consecutive games played (2,130) and for being one of only eight players in history to achieve 400 home runs and 3,000 hits. Ripken was inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 2007.

Ripken’s presentation at the AGD meeting excited everyone in attendance, not only sports fans. But those who were at the meeting came primarily to learn about dentistry, and they had plenty of courses to choose from.

In one of the most highly anticipated presentations, Dr Neil R. Gottehrer, a dentist, and Dr Marvin J. Slepian, a cardiologist, presented “Oral Body Inflammation Connection,” about the links between periodontal disease and cardiovascular disease.

As the doctors explained, more than 75 per cent of the adults in the United States have some form of gum disease, at least half requiring treatment. With knowledge of the oral body inflammatory connection (OBIC), consumers will seek out care and accept treatment. Dr Gottehrer and Dr Slepian reviewed a protocol for managing the OBIC, based on recent clinical studies.

A new screening system, STAT-CK Periodontal Risk Assessment, was presented, suggesting treatment for each category of disease identified. The connection with cardiac disease was discussed, as well as establishing communication with the physician, allowing more predictable management of periodontal disease and allowing the patient to maintain improved periodontal and associated physical health.

Other educational highlights of the meeting, which was held 8-12 July, included the following:

Dr Roger P. Levin offered a seminar, titled “Build Your Ideal Practice & Dream Team! (In Spite of the Economy)” In his presentation, Dr Levin taught participants about systems that create a superior team, drive explosive growth, reduce stress and build an ideal practice. He focused on ways to continually increase production and profit, and methods to grow closer to reaching financial independence in a low-stress environment. As he always does, Dr Levin inspired attendees to get re-energized.

Dr Mark A. Reynolds, in his presentation on “Extraction Site Preservation: Achieving Optimal Esthetic and Restorative Outcomes,” focused on the critical role of extraction socket preservation and enhancement prior to implant tooth replacement or restoration to optimize esthetic and functional clinical outcome. He introduced attendees to a step-by-step, hands-on approach in various socket preservation techniques following tooth extraction using a pig jaw model.

Dr Lawrence Tabak presented “Molecular Medicine Enters the Mouth,” about the latest research in molecular medicine and the use of salivary diagnostics and tools for health surveillance. As Dr Lawrence Tabak told attendees, studies suggest an association between oral bacteria and preterm or low birth-weight babies, heart disease and high blood sugar in people with diabetes. His lecture covered oral health and the connection between oral bacteria and systemic disease.

Cindy Kleinman presented “Understanding the Oral-Systemic Connection: From Intensive Care to Long-Term Care,” about caring for medically compromised patients. Kleinman’s course addressed the oral-systemic problems and solutions in treating patients who have experienced trauma such as brain injury or spinal cord injury.


On the exhibit floor, hundreds of exhibiting companies were on hands to introduce new or innovative products and techniques. It was the place to see the latest advances in materials and products for the dental industry. Highlights included the following:

Representatives from Pentron were on hand to tell attendees about their company’s many offerings, including the new Fusio Liquid Dentin self-adhering flowable composite and Bond-1 SF solvent-free SE adhesive bonding agent.

At the Prexion booth, meeting attendees were able to learn about 3D CBCT imaging and to see a scanner on display. Those who stopped by expressed interest in an upgraded panoramic view now available with the cone beam scanner.

At the Ultralight Optics booth, Dr Ron Nguyen was on hand to tell attendees about his company’s Feather Light headlights, which he says are the smallest and lightest.

At Perio Protect, attendees could learn about a method for periodontal treatment that allows patients to deliver antimicrobial agents on their own using a special tray. According to the company, it’s an effective and non-invasive solution for long-term treatment.

And for those who were interested, the National Museum of Dentistry was just a few short blocks away from the convention center. Many AGD meeting attendees made the stroll over. After all, Baltimore is considered to be the birthplace of modern dentistry.

About the AGD

The AGD is a professional association of more than 35,000 general dentists dedicated to staying up-to-date in the profession through continuing education. Founded in 1952, the AGD has grown to become the world’s second largest dental association, which is the only association that exclusively represents the needs and interests of general dentists.

Next year, the AGD will hold its Annual Meeting & Exhibits 8-11 July in New Orleans.

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