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Straumann goes fully digital at Midwinter Meeting

(DTI/Photo courtesy of Straumann AG, Switzerland)
Daniel Zimmermann, DTI

Daniel Zimmermann, DTI

Thu. 25 February 2010


CHICAGO, USA/LEIPZIG, Germany: Straumann is advancing its position in the dental market as a provider of comprehensive digital implant and restorative solutions. At the Chicago Midwinter Meeting, which was held 25-27 February, the company revealed its new digital platform Straumann Digital Solutions. The new brand combines computer-guided surgery, intra-oral imaging and CAD/CAM prosthetics under one umbrella. According to the company, it will first be available to dentists in the USA.

In addition to the new system, a new CAD/CAM system, with a new scanner, will be launched in Chicago later this week. A number of new products and features, including veneers, inlays and onlays, will also be introduced to the market over the course of the year.

Gilbert Achermann, President and CEO, commented: “Digitalisation will impact all aspects of dentistry as digital workflows supersede labour-intensive manual processes, enhancing interfaces, shortening treatment, reducing potential for error and improving quality assurance.”

“Straumann is committed to bringing the new technologies to customers as part of an integrated array of flexible, reliable solutions that are designed to optimise workflows and enhance patient care,” he added.

Straumann entered the field of computer-guided surgery in 2009 with the acquisition of IVS Solutions, a German company specialising in software applications for computer-guided surgery, including surgical template design and fabrication. In the same year, the company also signed a distribution agreement for iTero, an intra-oral scanning system made by US manufacturer Cadent.

Straumann already has an CAD/CAM offering that includes scanners, software and a full range of prosthetics in modern bio-compatible, durable and aesthetic materials through its partnership with Ivoclar Vivadent.


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