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Planmeca – 45 years of better care through innovation

Planmeca Founder and President Mr. Heikki Kyöstilä


Thu. 17 November 2016


2016 marks the 45th anniversary of Planmeca. Founder and President Heikki Kyöstilä attributes the company’s success to a strong commitment to R&D, as well as a clear vision for the future. Planmeca’s steady ascent to the top of the dental industry has been a shining example of the power of innovation and Nordic fortitude.

The story of Planmeca began in 1971 in a garage in Finland’s capital city Helsinki.

“Starting the company was like skydiving without parachute”, Heikki Kyöstilä illuminates. “The jump paid off – today Planmeca is a global leader in health care technology.”

Indeed, the company that Kyöstilä started from nothing now boasts an extensive product portfolio that covers everything needed at a modern dental clinic – from high-tech dental care units to world-class 2D and 3D imaging devices, comprehensive CAD/CAM equipment and powerful software solutions.

Planmeca’s products are still designed and manufactured in Helsinki, at the company’s headquarters. Using the latest technology and best materials, they are tailored to meet the unique needs of dental professionals in different markets. Planmeca is the largest family business in its field today, with over 98% of its products exported abroad to over 120 countries worldwide.

According to Kyöstilä, the secret behind his company’s success and never-ending innovation is a strong and unwavering commitment to Research and Development. Up to 10% of the Planmeca’s annual turnover is invested in R&D. The company also works closely with renowned dental universities and leading experts in forming its product portfolio.

“At Planmeca, we always operate with the future in mind. I strongly believe that we will guide dentistry into the future like no one else can.”

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