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White wine can increase tooth staining

June 15, 2009

MIAMI, FL, USA: Researchers from New York University presented their findings about white wine and tooth staining during the recent International Association for Dental Research annual meeting, which took place here 1–4 April.

Dental implant procedures go virtual

June 15, 2009

AUGUSTA, GA, USA: The Virtual Dental Implant Training Simulation Program, a realistic computer game designed to help students in diagnostics, decision-making and treatment protocols, will soon be used to help dental students worldwide learn and reinforce dental implant procedures. It was designed by the Medical College of Georgia (MCG) School of Dentistry’s staff and dental students and BreakAway, Ltd., a developer of game-based technology for training, experimentation and decision-making analysis.

Endodontist David B. Rosenberg and wife die in accident

June 14, 2009

NEW YORK CITY, NY, USA: Dr David B. Rosenberg, an endodontist with a practice at Vera Beach, USA, and his wife, Jean, died in an accident on 11 June, according to a local media report. An article posted to the online edition of the Vero Beach Press Journal, reported that Dr Rosenberg and his wife were killed in a whitewater rafting accident while vacationing in the Dominican Republic.

Cool plasma packs heat against biofilms

June 12, 2009

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA: In the search for new ways to safely fight tenacious biofilm infections, researchers at the University of Southern California’s (USC) School of Dentistry and Viterbi School of Engineering have developed a new tool that could revolutionise many facets of medicine.

Dental professionals expand knowledge at meeting in Montreal

June 12, 2009

Whether you are a dentist, a specialist or a member of a professional office staff, it’s always beneficial to step outside of the day-to-day routine one in a while to expand your knowledge base. Those who attended the 38th annual Journées Dentaires Internationales du Quebec, held 23 to 26 May in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, found plenty of opportunity to broaden their horizons. More than 11,000 people attended, according to meeting organizers. 

Implant program at USC is honored by ADEA and Zimmer

June 10, 2009

Phoenix, AZ, USA: The American Dental Education Association (ADEA) and Zimmer Dental, based in Carlsbad, CA, USA, have recognized the dental implant program at the University of Southern California (USC) with an honor and financial support. The ADEA/Zimmer Dental Implant Education Teaching Award was presented to the USC Department of Primary Oral Health Care during the 86th ADEA Annual Session, held here recently.

New York’s Ninth District Dental Association celebrates its first 100 years

June 8, 2009

WEST POINT, NY, USA: The Ninth District Dental Association — a regional association in New York state with more than 1,600 members in Orange, Westchester, Putnam, Rockland and Dutchess counties — marked its 100th anniversary with a black-tie gala held on 2 May at the Hotel Thayer at West Point. Leaders of the association told Dental Tribune that the 100-year milestone is a chance not only to reflect upon past success but to look forward to an exciting second century.

Dentistry meets its ‘cloud computing’ match in DentalCollab by Modulus Media

June 8, 2009

TORONTO, Ontario, Canada: Modulus Media, a Toronto-based technology development and marketing company, announced the 26 June launch of DentalCollab, a Web-based software available at, which finally unites a centralised, treatment management system with an online social networking system to create the ideal Treatment Workspace for the field of dentistry.

Dentists and cardiologists should work together to prevent heart disease, experts say

June 5, 2009

CHICAGO, IL, USA: The cooperation between the cardiology and periodontal communities is an important first step in helping patients reduce their risk of these associated diseases, according to a consensus paper developed by the American Academy of Periodontology (AAP) and The American Journal of Cardiology (AJC).

Remington College-Tampa launches dental assistant program

June 4, 2009

TAMPA, FL, USA: Those who are interested in joining the growing dental field now have an additional educational option. Remington College–Tampa Campus is now enrolling students for its new Dental Assisting Diploma Program. The program curriculum includes training that will qualify students for an entry-level position as a dental assistant.

Dental Tribune Study Club develops clinicians’ skills via case studies database

June 3, 2009

As modern technology advances, so does the opportunity of using and sharing data. Nowhere is this truer than with medical data. The benefits of providing shared access to a practitioner’s case studies are becoming increasingly evident throughout medical communities, and especially in dentistry.

American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry honors Dr Jimmy Eubank

June 3, 2009

HONOLULU, HI, USA: Dr Jimmy Eubank, a world-renowned speaker and researcher in the field of cosmetic dentistry for more than 30 years, was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award during the 25th Anniversary Scientific Session of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD), held here recently.

Dental clinic at Columbia University is re-opened

June 2, 2009

NEW YORK, NY, USA: The Columbia University College of Dental Medicine unveiled its newly renovated Community DentCare School-Based Dental Clinic on 22 May with a special dedication to Honorable Herman ‘Denny’ Farrell at the Edward W. Stitt Complex (formerly known as I.S. 164).

Showing off at AAO: 109th annual session unveils new insights, new technology, new products

June 1, 2009

BOSTON, MA, USA: By the time the attendees of the American Association of Orthodontists’ 109th Annual Session, held here 1–5 May, headed home, they were leaving with more than they had come with. Some carried products — everything from wires and brackets to toothpaste and floss. Some carried souvenirs of Boston — Red Sox hats and 'Cheers' pint glasses, to name a few. One man, Dr Paul McAllister of Lincoln, NE, USA, had a brand new Mini Cooper he won from Dentsply GAC. But one thing most everyone left with was more knowledge and insight than they had started with.

Healthy teeth lower rheumatoid arthritis pain

May 31, 2009

LEIPZIG, Germany: People who suffer from gum disease and also have a severe form of rheumatoid arthritis can lower the chronic pain by keeping their teeth healthy. A research team from Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine and University Hospitals of Cleveland suggest that both inflammatory diseases share similarities in the progression over time. In both diseases, the soft and hard tissues are destroyed from inflammation caused by toxins from bacterial infection.

A behind-the-scenes glimpse at NobelProcera

May 29, 2009

MAHWAH, NJ, USA: Nobel Biocare is revolutionizing CAD/CAM dentistry today in much the same way that Henry Ford revolutionized the automobile industry 100 years ago. But unlike Ford Motor Company, where every Model T coming off the assembly line was exactly the same and you could have any color you wanted as long as it was black, Nobel Biocare, with its state-of-the-art NobelProcera system, has perfected the art of mass production for customized, personal needs. Every crown and every bridge coming off the assembly line at Nobel’s state-of-the-art facility is manufactured to exacting, individualized specifications.

Ancient skeleton in India bears evidence of leprosy

May 28, 2009

LEIPZIG, Germany: The oldest known skeleton showing signs of leprosy has been recently found in India and may help unravel the myth of where the disease originated. In the journal PLoS One, Assistant Professor Gwen Robbins, an anthropologist at Appalachian State University in the US, and researchers in India describe a middle-aged adult male skeleton demonstrating signs of leprosy in skeletal material, such as tooth loss and root exposure. Historians have long considered the Indian subcontinent to be the source of the leprosy that was first reported in Europe in the fourth century B.C., shortly after the armies of Alexander the Great returned from India.

Interview with Prof. Van B. Haywood, USA, about bleaching sensitivity

May 28, 2009

Dr Van B. Haywood is a Professor in the Department of Oral Rehabilitation in the School of Dentistry at the Medical College of Georgia. In 1989, Dr Haywood and Prof. Harald Heymann co-authored the first article in the world on nightguard vital bleaching (NGVB). He has completed over 90 publications on the NGVB technique and the topic of bleaching and aesthetics, including the first papers on treatment of bleaching sensitivity with potassium nitrate, direct thermoplastic tray fabrication, extended treatment of tetracycline stained teeth, and primary teeth bleaching. Dental Tribune Editor Claudia Salwiczek spoke with Dr Haywood about bleaching sensitivity.

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