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Help patients navigate orthodontics with ease

Embrace It! (, is a complete online resource for parents and patients preparing for or maintaining braces. (DTI/Photo Crest Oral-B)
Dental Tribune USA

Dental Tribune USA

Tue. 30 April 2013


Between 1982 and 2008, the number of people getting braces in the U.S. increased by 99 percent, according to the AAO Patient Census Study conducted by the American Association of Orthodontics. This dramatic growth has resulted in a large number of patients looking for information to prepare for orthodontic treatment and guide them through the often challenging process.

To address this growing need, Crest and Oral-B have launched Embrace It! (, a complete online resource for parents and patients preparing for or maintaining braces.

Embrace It! helps answer braces-related questions, including: what to expect, how to care for them, and how to address financial concerns. An “Ask-the-Expert” feature even connects users with an oral care expert to answer their questions. Embrace It! was designed with parents in mind, to make the tooth-straightening process a little less mysterious.

“After they leave the office, patients may feel overwhelmed with questions about the treatment and best products for their oral health condition,” says Dr. Jennifer Salzer, a New York-based orthodontist and mother of four, who is featured on the website. “ has a wealth of information on orthodontic treatment, presented in a user-friendly format to help patients and parents navigate the braces experience and feel confident with their mouths during the process.”

To ease the transition to braces, Crest and Oral-B offer OrthoEssentials, the ideal collection of oral care products for someone with braces including simple education tools to guide proper use and produce results that exceed expectations. With OrthoEssentials, patients can steer clear of common problems such as gingivitis, tartar and demineralization, which can result in additional time and expense — and get the most beautiful and healthy smile possible.

For patients in the tween age group particularly, getting braces is the perfect time to re-establish proper oral care techniques and routines to inspire confidence in having a healthy smile. To help tween patients through this awkward phase, Crest and Oral-B have updated their line of tween-friendly Pro-Health FOR ME oral care products to include the Oral-B Pro-Health FOR ME Electric Powered Toothbrush. With a built in two-minute timer and multiple brush heads for sensitive teeth and gums, it enables patients can to power the gunk away — something orthodontist can appreciate.

(Sources: Crest and Oral-B)

Note: This article was published in Hygiene Tribune U.S. Edition, Vol. 6 No. 3, March 2013 issue.


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