Greater New York Dental Meeting gets underway

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Greater New York Dental Meeting gets underway

Lines of attendees awaiting entry to the exhibit hall Sunday morning stretch deep into the Javits Center Crystal Palace shortly before the hall’s official opening at 9:30 a.m. (Photo: Robert Selleck, DTA)
Robert Selleck, DTA

Robert Selleck, DTA

Mon. 1 December 2014


NEW YORK, N.Y., USA: If the Greater New York Dental Meeting exhibit hall is anything, it’s an information clearinghouse. Few better opportunities exist to explore all of the latest advancements in dental products, techniques and technologies—in a single location. The exhibit hall isn’t just a showcase; it’s a nonstop education center, with classes in session all day long in virtually every booth.

At Visual Solutions, CEO Gary Pond will guide you through the company’s newly launched chairside oral cancer test, called EXPyOC. “We’re triangulating in on the right answers,” Pond said, explaining why the simple, three-phase procedure is so accurate.

To dramatically reduce the percentages of false-positives seen with most other screening technologies, and to make it far easer for clinicians to know when a patient definitely needs to be referred, the technology goes far beyond UV-light testing. It also includes two molecular-level markers with high sensitivity and specificity to cancerous and precancerous cells.

Pond said hygienists have been especially interested in the technology because of the way it enables them to rely on clinical measurements to back up any recommendation that a patient should be referred. Another big selling point for practices: The test costs only $20 per patient — even less if the first two phases of the test reveal that step three isn’t needed.

Another product generating buzz among hygienists is the iStar cordless prophylaxis handpiece, which can be seen in the DentalEZ booth. The company says the handpiece is designed to make dental hygiene procedures “easier, faster and less stressful,” in part by getting rid of hoses and the foot pedal.

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At MyRay, you can learn about the Hyperion X5, which the company describes as “the smallest panoramic imaging system ever.” That means it can be added to virtually any dental practice. You can also handle the C-U2 intraoral camera, which is designed to depict high-definition images in natural colors. That can be critical when communicating strategies and results with patients.

ACTEON is in the exhibit hall with what’s being called the market’s “first personal scanner,” called the PSPIX. It provides all of the benefits of a phosphor plate system, but it’s three times smaller than anything else on the market. Clinicians can shoot an X-ray and run the plate without leaving the patient’s side — generating an image in less than nine seconds.

Always a great booth to visit when you want “to learn more,” SharperPractice has some of dentistry’s most innovative products on display within reach of one another. You can try on the Cinemizer OLED virtual reality video glasses from Carl Zeiss, then make half a turn and test out the I-DENT EverClear mirror, which doesn’t need to constantly be wiped or air-sprayed to keep it clear.

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