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G&H Orthodontics expands as it enters its fifth decade

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Fri. 29 April 2016


G&H Orthodontics, a U.S.-based manufacturer of a full line of orthodontic products, is expanding as it enters its fifth decade in business. “Our 41st anniversary of serving the orthodontic community marks our biggest expansion in company history,” G&H Orthodontics President and CEO Kevin McNulty said in a press release on the eve of this year’s AAO Annual Session. “This expansion demonstrates our dedication to deliver a great experience to our customers.”

“Due to increasing demand from G&H Orthodontics customers, we expanded our elastomeric manufacturing capacity by 60 percent, along with increasing production capabilities for brackets and wires,” said Brandon Bernacchi, G&H Orthodontics vice president of operations.

“The addition of our Warehouse Management System (WMS) fully integrated with our ERP has been a real game changer for G&H. The system provides us with better order traceability, improved quality service levels, and faster, more complete shipping to our customers. This, so far, has led to a 200 percent improvement in orders shipped same or next day,” Bernacchi added.

To better understand customer needs, G&H did extensive research. “We realized that to continue to deliver exceptional service in over 90 countries, we needed to restructure our website and to add customer service staff,” said Emily Frische, G&H Orthodontics director of marketing. “The changes will make doing business with us easier. Our goal is to be the brand of choice in the ortho community.”

At the beginning of 2016, Jim Aycock joined the G&H Orthodontics family as vice president of sales. Also added were Riccardo Pini in Australia, covering Asia Pacific; Elizabeth Young in Hong Kong, covering Asia; and Dennis Steward, covering dental service organizations in the U.S. Three new customer specialists — Viola Newman, Rudy Olivo and Tana Marshall — joined the team, to serve international distributors and key accounts.

“, our new website, was built with customer convenience in mind,” Frische said. “With the help of G&H customers, we’ve expanded the information available to include patient cases, videos and a quick reorder feature.”

G&H Orthodontics says it stands out in the industry as a full-line manufacturer of clinical orthodontic solutions. “We are helping orthodontists improve their profitability with direct-from-the-manufacturer pricing, the convenience of one-stop shopping and quick delivery,” McNulty said. “It’s an exciting time at G&H Orthodontics.”

(Source: G&H Orthodontics)


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