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Enhance your imaging outcomes with Sensibles ENDO

(Photo: Provided by Flow Dental)
Flow Dental

Flow Dental

Mon. 8 July 2024


Sensibles ENDO, a universal sensor positioner for use during endodontic procedures, is an essential tool for both general dentists and endodontists.

This innovative tool represents a significant advancement in efficiency and precision, promising to streamline procedures and enhance imaging outcomes.

At the heart of the Sensibles ENDO positioner lies an adjustable, universal bite block that effortlessly adapts to various heights for a snug, custom fit around any size sensor. The bite block also features a unique open window design, so images can be taken while files remain securely in the canal. Its spacious bite area accommodates mouth props or cotton rolls with ease, ensuring optimal imaging results without compromise.

With Sensibles ENDO, the entire process becomes smooth and efficient.

Beyond its exceptional functionality, infection control is central to the design of the Sensibles ENDO sensor positioner. Practitioners can easily sterilize the device through autoclaving between patients, maintaining stringent hygiene standards while offering a cost-effective solution for dental practices.

With its user-friendly design and durability, the Sensibles ENDO sensor positioner embodies Flow Dental's commitment to innovation in endodontic imaging. Available as a comprehensive kit or individual components, this cutting-edge solution empowers dental professionals to embrace the future of digital endodontic care with confidence.

For more information on experiencing the convenience and innovation of the Sensibles ENDO sensor positioner, contact your local dealer or visit Flow Dental's website at, referencing stock #40388. Join us in revolutionizing endodontic imaging and unlocking new possibilities in patient care with Sensibles ENDO — the future starts now.

Also available are regular Sensibles for imaging anterior, posterior or bite-wings. Like the Sensibles ENDO, the bite block adjusts to work with any size sensor.

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