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Dentium celebrates 10 years of clinical success

(Photo: Dentium USA)

Tue. 10 March 2015


Dentium recently announced the results of its long-term clinical case study. The study, conducted for more than 10 years, has successfully shown Dentium implants are reliable and predictable, according to the company. The study’s radiographic images showed a successful osseointegration during a long-term observation period and also showed that Dentium’s unique design and surface features resulted in stable osseous crest without bone loss to the first thread, according to the company.

Dentium implants possess S.L.A. (sandblasted with large grit and acid-etched) surface treatment, which facilitates the osseointegration process with a high predictability of success and provides more complete bone-to-implant contact throughout every thread of the implant.

This produces a well-attached base for osseointegration, the company said. The greater distance between the threads of the implants also helps promote early osseointegration while the increased thread height helps augment initial stability. The double-threaded design of the implants reduces insertion time, thereby decreasing the patient’s chair time.

The tapered body design of Dentium dental implants provides initial stability and bone expansion response for easy installation, according to the company. The tapered design also helps create a stable yet comfortably placed implant that provides integration with surrounding bone anatomy.

Dentium implant systems offer a variety of diameter and length options for individual cases. Dentium implants can bring initial stabilization and osseointegration, especially in soft-bone cases and in sinus graft with implant placement cases.

All implants offered by Dentium share the same internal hex. The conical hex connection between the implant and abutment interface helps ensure greater hermetic sealing and provides an improved tactile sense, the company asserts.

This helps to ensure a more stabilized abutment seating. The biological connection contained within the implant creates an even distribution load to the fixture, helping to minimize micro-movement and marginal bone loss.

Dentium components are equipped with a true single platform; only one abutment connection is used for implants. This reduces the need for multiple prosthetic components and simplifies the surgical and prosthetic procedure, according to the company.

Dentium is a dental implant manufacturing company with a heavy focus on innovative research and development. Dentium has released state-of-the-art dental technology with products ranging from implants to regenerative materials. The motto of Dentium is “Developed by Clinicians for Clinicians” because its products are developed by industry leaders. Dentium is in more than 80 countries and has a manufacturing facility here in the United States. Dentium is FDA registered and ISO certified. Dentium wants to encourage the academic community as well as future clinicians to follow its passion for research and development.

(Source: Dentium USA)


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