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Dental students reach out to children at elementary schools

Third grade students in Ms. Hauber’s class at Simpsonville Elementary wanted a group photo with Dr. Noah DeKay when he visited the 10th Annual ULSD Freshman Halloween Project. (DTI/Photo University of Louisville)

Thu. 1 November 2012


LOUISVILLE, Ky., USA: Just before Halloween, a time when the focus is on candy and other sweet treats, dental students from University of Louisville spoke to more than 3,900 children in 72 classrooms about the importance of oral health and dental hygiene. Each child received a toothbrush and toothpaste from the Blackerby Foundation. Family Youth Resource Center directors and the Northwest AHEC helped make arrangements for each school visit.

Costumed mascots including Crest’s Mr. Sparkle, Delta Dental’s Marshall Molar, Northwest Area Health Education Center’s (AHEC) Brushing Bear, Louisville Water Company’s Tapper, Dr. Noah Dekay, Dr. Tooth Bud, Dr. Smiley and the Tooth Fairy helped make the presentations fun for the children.

Participating schools included Lincoln Elementary, Atkinson Elementary, Carter Elementary, Kennedy Elementary, Simpsonville Elementary and Gutermuth Elementary.

“The 2016 University of Louisville dental class is very excited to speak to the children in our community. We have a great opportunity to provide oral education in a fun and interactive way, which can prevent oral disease,” said Julia Dobson, University of Louisville freshman dental student.

This was the10th year for the Freshman Halloween Service Project. To date, University of Louisville dental students have provided oral health education to more than 21,000 children in 45 schools and 757 classrooms.

(Source: University of Louisville)


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