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Cleaning and shaping with new technology



Sun. 21 November 2010


Revo-S developed by MICRO-MEGA, with only three nickel-titanium files, simplifies the initial endodontic treatment and optimizes the cleaning action. The asymmetrical cross-section of Revo-S facilitates penetration by a snake-like movement and offers a root-canal shaping that is adapted to the biological and ergonomic imperatives. This system promotes a thorough root cleaning and also offers apical finishing.

This sequence functions according to a cutting, clearance and cleaning cycle, thus allowing an active upward dentinal chips elimination.

What are the advantages of the asymmetrical cross-section?

  • It enables a better root-canal penetration due to a “snake-like” movement and offers better progression of the instrument toward the apical region of the root canal.
  • Thanks to the increased available volume, the elimination of debris upward, the coronal is facilitated.
  • The large helical groove cannot be obstructed and that avoids the risk of extrusion of debris beyond the instrument tip and apical foramen
  • It reduces the stress on the instrument thanks to the rippling movement of the file along the canal walls.

The REVO-S sequence has only three instruments. This technique is easy to use and adapted for most root canal anatomies.

Advantages of SC1, SC2 & SU instruments include:

  • Inactive tip.
  • Extended helical machining up to the coronal region increases the instrument flexibility.
  • Less stress on the instrument.
  • Better debris elimination and more efficient cleaning due to the asymmetrical cross-section of the SC1.
  • SC2 is an instrument without asymmetrical cross-section, which a taper of .04 enables easier penetration. Its equilateral section (three identical sides) ensures a perfect guidance of the instrument to the apical zone thanks to the balance of the forces.
  • The equilateral section of the SC2 ensures the path through the canal to the apical zone: no zipping.
  • It has better debris elimination and more efficient cleaning. No extrusion.
  • The progressive pitch avoids zipping effects.
  • SU smoothes the root-canal walls.
  • Thanks to its asymmetrical cross-section, it recapitulates the action of the first two instruments SC1 and SC2, thus respecting the tapered shape of the canal.
  • An adequate canal preparation with an apical finishing of 0.06.

The apical finishing

For a successful canal preparation, apical finishing is essential: MICRO-MEGA offers an additional adapted solution with specific instruments: AS30, AS35 and AS40

These instruments are complementary and not systematically used. They allow one to efficiently enlarge the apical preparation respecting the .06 taper already formed without modifying the obtained preparation with the basis sequence (SC1, SC2 and SU).

Tapering at .06 enables a debridement and a disinfection corresponding to biological constraints of the initial root canal treatment. This improves the flow of the irrigating solution in the canal and facilitates the obturation.


The Revo-S sequence is available in InGeT (to use with a InGeT micro-head contra-angle) and in Classics (standard handle Ø 2.35 adaptable on any endodontic contra-angle — AX’S Endo for exemple).

The InGeT system includes files and an InGeT (integrated gear technology) contra-angle, which has the smallest head of the market. It is also revolutionary because the driving gear is part of the rotary file, which enormously simplifies the mechanism of the head.

InGeT ergonomics enable an easy access to posterior teeth and a better visibility of the operative field.

More information is available from MICRO-MEGA.



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