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CDA meeting is a showcase for new products

Jennie and Lauren of the Oakland Raiderettes were on hand at the recent CDA meeting to help generate excitement for the Gendex 3-D digital imaging machine. (DTA/Photo Fred Michmershuizen)
Fred Michmershuizen, DTA

Fred Michmershuizen, DTA

Thu. 17 September 2009


SAN FRANCISCO, CA, USA: The California Dental Association held CDA Presents the Art and Science of Dentistry 10-13 September at Moscone West. In addition to four days of educational offerings, the meeting was also a showcase for new products and equipment.

Meeting attendees crowded the exhibit hall floor for three days of commerce and hands-on learning. Among the highlights were the following:

Those who stopped by the Triodent booth expressed interest in the company’s new Grip-tab tool for holding and placing indirect restorations. Sort of like a handle to a cup, the Griptab is designed to make handling restorations easy. Also new at Triodent was the Triotray for posterior impressions and the V3 Ring for Class II composites.

At the WOW Oral Care booth, tooth whitening inventor Michael Arnold was showing attendees his new WOW Powder Oral Rinse, a plaque absorbent featuring xylitol and baking soda that is designed to leave users with a clean taste and fresh breath. Designed for people who cannot brush, the product cleans and disinfects while making teeth whiter.

At the 3M ESPE booth, attendees could check out the new Lava chairside oral scanner. Designed to help dentists increase productivity by reducing seating times and remakes, the Lava allows the practitioner to capture and simultaneously view continuous 3-D video images on a touch-screen monitor.

For those who want to be able to keep track of patients via iPhones or BlackBerrys, PracticeWorks introduced a new application. The PEARL enables clinicians to view and act upon real-time information related to patient and treatment details, scheduling, financials, call-backs, prescriptions and more. Because the application was designed specifically for the iPhone and BlackBerry, it takes full advantage of the systems’ specific capabilities. For instance, with the iPhone, practitioners are able to not only view digital X-rays but to zoom in on them for a more detailed look.

MyRay was offering a wireless digital X-ray system called the X-pod. This pocket-sized device is capable of instant diagnostic-quality radiographic images in the palm of your hand. Just like with an iPhone, you can zoom in and out by the touch of your fingers.

Discus Dental introduced Insight ultrasonic inserts, featuring LED technology that offers enhanced visibility in the maxillary buccal, maxillary lingual, mandibular lingual, furcation and gingival/tissue transillumination. Also new from Discus was the Riskontrol disposable air/water syringe tip, featuring separate air and water lines.

DentalEZ Group introduced a new everLight LED operatory light, an alternative to halogen-based operatory lights. It provides color-corrected lighting and a precise light pattern. According to DentalEZ, it lasts 30,000-plus hours, or 10 times longer than halogen, reducing the need for regular replacement of light bulbs. It also uses less than 35 watts of energy, which is 70 percent less than halogen-based systems.

Even Under Armour was at the CDA. The company that revolutionized the sports apparel industry has designed a mouthpiece for athletes in non-contact sports. Crafted for optimal fit and comfort, the Under Armour Performance Mouthwear is designed to help athletes train harder and compete at a higher level than before. It was one of many offerings at the booth of Patterson Dental, exclusive distributor of the mouthpiece.

Many companies, including DEXIS Digital X-Ray and others, offered educational presentations right on the exhibit floor.




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