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Aurident marks 35 years of making alloys

Aurident’s Auritex-40 reduces costs on a high noble PFM alloy. (DTI/Photo Aurident)


Wed. 7 July 2010


Aurident was founded by Howard and Fredelle Hoffman in 1974 with one basic philosophy — to manufacture dental alloys that provide crown and bridge laboratories and dentists nationwide with excellent quality and service, and competitive prices. In the past 35 years, Aurident has grown extensively worldwide, and has developed a wide range of PFM and casting alloys.

“We’re committed to superior customer service and satisfaction,” said Leonard Hoffman, general manager of Aurident. “Our goal is to become a primary source for alloys and dental materials in the years ahead. Dental laboratories reliant on fast service, quality and competitive prices continue to benefit from purchasing Aurident alloys.”

One of those alloys, Auritex-40, is an affordable white high noble alloy for PFM applications. Containing 40 percent gold, 40 percent palladium and 10 percent silver, Auritex-40 is designed to help laboratories reduce costs for a white high noble alloy.

Compatible with a wide range of porcelains, Auritex-40 is easy to use and work with. The alloy is ideal for high-stress applications such as longspan bridges and as single units. Earn six Aurident Rewards Points for each ounce of Auritex-40 ordered.

Recently, Aurident reinstated its rewards program, which provides points for each alloy purchase. Points can be redeemed for free silver or gold coins.

Aurident is based in Fullerton, Calif. Local dental laboratories enjoy same-day delivery as alloy orders are placed, or they may them pick up anytime during business hours for same-day convenience.

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