Atlas Denture Comfort secures new or existing dentures

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Atlas Denture Comfort secures new or existing dentures

Atlas Denture Comfort secures new or existing dentures. (DTI/Photo Dentatus)
Dentatus USA

Dentatus USA

Fri. 3 September 2010


Dentists often don’t look forward to having patients with dentures, according to Paul Homoly, DDS, president of Homoly Communications. When asked why, he replied that the procedure leaves both dentist and patient feeling bereft of lasting solutions: there is continuous need for repeated visits to the dentist for adjustments; patients endure discomfort and, worse yet, experience difficulty with everyday functions such as speaking, chewing, smiling or laughing.

Even unwanted sounds, such as clicking or whistling, may be heard coming from the dentures.

All of this leaves people wearing conventional dentures feeling insecure and self-conscious. Denture wearers of any age could find themselves changing their daily routine — even choosing to avoid eating because of discomfort or embarrassment. This is endured because the one alternative they may have — changing their conventional dentures into implant-supported dentures — has historically been out of their reach because of high prevailing costs, painful and inconvenient surgical procedures or limitations in the width of their ridges.

Atlas Denture Comfort is a simple solution that was developed by Dentatus USA. This affordable, one-hour, chairside procedure will soon be the industry standard for securing and retaining either a patient’s new or existing dentures. Atlas Implants, approved for marketing by the FDA, are suitable for retaining lower dentures economically, regardless of the patient’s age.

The Denture Comfort Procedure consists of placing four Atlas narrow-body titanium alloy implants into the edentulous jaw anterior to the mental foramen. Then, Denture Comfort’s cushioning silicone, Tuf-Link®, is expelled into the denture to fit snugly over and around the short, dome-shaped heads of the Atlas implants so that the denture can be securely and confidently retained. The result is a comfortable fit and optimal retention, all without surgery, without bleeding and without bank-breaking expense.

Atlas Denture Comfort is the only system on the market today that eliminates the hardware typically associated with over dentures. The Atlas System uses no O-rings, no housings and no adhesives. The unique Tuf-Link silicone reline provides the retention to the implants for a stress-free denture, easy insertion, retention and removal.

This minimally invasive technique is easy for dentists to learn and implement, and may change the lives of your patients.

More information is available from Dentatus.

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