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AMED goes virtual for 10th anniversary

Image captured by AMED member Jürgen Wettlauffer, DDS, reveals microdentistry’s detailed perspective on restorative work. (DTI/Photo provided by AMED)
Robert Selleck, DTA

Robert Selleck, DTA

Wed. 2 November 2011


NEW YORK, NY, USA: Ready to take a closer look at the benefits of getting a closer look at everything you’re doing in the operatory? The perfect opportunity presents itself Nov. 10-12 (Thursday, Friday and Saturday), when the Academy of Microscope Enhanced Dentistry (AMED) opens its 2011 Annual Meeting and Scientific Session with an extensive offering of live, online presentations.

The switch to a webcast-based meeting comes on the 10th anniversary of the event, which is dedicated to encouraging, inspiring and educating dentists and other dental professionals on all matters relating to microscopic dentistry. This year’s theme is “Foundations and Expansions.”

Seeing how global economic conditions were affecting event-attendance across the industry, Dr. Terry Pannkuk, the 2011 AMED program chair, proposed the virtual conference as a way to better serve the membership and expand the potential for participation in the conference.

Following the initial three days of live online presentations, recordings of the webcasts will remain accessible to active-AMED-member registrants for up to three years (as long as the content remains current and accurate). AMED membership is not required to register for the virtual conference, but members receive a discount.

Guest registrants have access to the recorded presentations for 30 additional days following the live webcasts. Visit for registration details. Dental Tribune America readers can use the code NM-DTRIBUNE to extend early bird pricing to Nov. 1.

Goal is global collaboration

Nathan Skaggs, an AMED administrator, says a primary reason behind going virtual with the meeting is to “open up forums for research and scientific exploration so we can collaborate around the world. It’s a unique strategy for people to participate with AMED from around the globe — at a reduced cost.”

On the live meeting days, the AMED website will feature three separate tracks of live webcasts streaming simultaneously from presenters in locations around the world. Attendees will be able to post questions and comments visible to the presenter and other viewers during and following individual presentations. Viewers aren’t locked in to any single track and can jump back and forth based on their interests.

Skaggs says the presentations’ interactive component also will be part of the recordings, which will archive to the site after the live streams. Presenters will continue to be available for questions and comments as long as the presentation remains on the site. Previous and new viewers will be encouraged to continue discussions via the site.

In a sense, the approach means the conference won’t really end after the three days. In fact, Skaggs says AMED plans to post presentations from a previous annual session held in Japan to open that event to a broader audience. Ultimately, the website might have several recorded conferences available and open for registration.

Skaggs says AMED will continue to host physical events, too, but will likely include live and recorded streams as part of such events.

C.E. credit available

A total of 30 C.E. credits are potentially available through viewing the webcasts. Those viewing live webcasts will receive certificates of attendance. Self-instructional C.E. credits are available to those who complete the required qualification steps after viewing recorded webcasts. Individuals pursuing C.E. credit are encouraged to check with their licensing board to confirm eligibility.

All aspects of microscope-centered dentistry are covered during the three days of corporate forums, clinician presentations, and academic- and clinician-research presentations. Subject matters cross all disciplines and specialties, creating an inclusive forum devoted to exploring how precision dentistry can best serve patients and practices.

The “Foundations and Expansions” theme refers to how the profession’s embrace of innovative tools, such as the microscope, scanners, digital radiography and cone-beam-computed tomography occurs only when such advancements align with practition-ers’ core intellectual skills and philosophical perspectives.

Online exhibit hall

The virtual meeting also includes an online exhibit hall, which will feature product and service information via text, pictures and video — along with opportunities to chat with company representatives during the three days of live meetings.
Following the live dates, these online exhibit-hall “booth” pages will remain accessible through at least March 1, 2012, when the new cycle begins.

Live-stream schedule

This listing of presentations isn’t divided yet into the three separate live-stream tracks that will enable delivery of simultaneous live presentations via the website, much like a live conference with many sessions running concurrently.

All presentations will be recorded so “attendees” missing a live stream can view the recorded webcast later.

Thursday, Nov. 10

The live, online meeting opens Thursday, Nov. 10, with Corporate Forum Presentations by: Seiler Precision Microscopes, Leica Microsystems, Carl Zeiss Meditec (each is a meeting Gold Sponsor) and Global Surgical Corporation (a meeting Silver Sponsor) and BioClear (an advertiser sponsor).

Friday, Nov. 11

On Friday, Nov. 11, Academic Research Presentations (a new addition to the annual scientific session) will be offered by subject experts and residents from the following institutions:

  • University of California San Francisco
  • Albert Einstein Medical Center
  • University of Maryland School of Dentistry
  • Texas A&M Health Science Center Baylor College of Dentistry
  • Saint Louis University
  • Boston University
  • University of Warwick

Clinician Research Presentations on Friday include:

  • Limits of the Endodontic Treatment: Management of Compromised Cases by Eudes Gondim, Jr., DDS, MS, PhD
  • Research Projects on Periodontal Microsurgery Including Implants by Tetsuya Hirata, DDS, PhD
  • Missing Link in Endodontics by Dr. Vinod Kumar, R BDS, MDS
  • Exploring the Unexplored: Bilateralism by Sekar Mahalaxmi, BDS, MDS
  • To Save Hopeless Root Canals by Hiroyasu Yoshimatsu, DDS

Saturday, Nov. 12

More than 30 clinician presentations are scheduled live for Saturday, Nov. 12. Here are just a few:

Anatomy: What Matters in Endodontics; The Operative Microscope in Everyday Restorative Practice; How Seeing is the Answer to Today’s Practice Busyness; Crown Prep With a Rubber Dam and a Microscope; Macro- vs. Micro-Surgery: Healing Potential of Microsurgical Procedures; and Research Projects on Periodontal Microsurgery Including Implants.

About AMED

The Academy of Microscope Enhanced Dentistry is an international association serving practition-ers of restorative microdentistry, periodontal microsurgery, micro-endodontics, microprosthodontics, implant microsurgery and associated disciplines. For more information, please visit


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