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Suction-effective mandibular complete denture combined with Biofunctional Prosthetic System

This lecture will present a mandibular complete denture suction by focusing on the oral mucosa as well as clinical techniques using the Biofunctional Prosthetic System (BPS).

In 1999, Dr. Jiro Abe developed the suction mechanism of mandibular complete dentures. When he started his dental office 35 years ago, many edentulous patients asked him why one cannofabricate mandibular suction dentures as exactly same as maxillary dentures. This motivated him to study the suction-effective mandibular complete denture (SEMCD).  We are all taught in the dental school that the mandibular denture usually floats, and patients wearing mandibular dentures without implants are considered as a dental handicap. However, after learning the SEMCD technique, I firmly believe that there is no longer floating mandibular denture,” Abe says.   Now, it’s a time to flourish SEMCD in your country.  Hand-Outs: renew_SEMCD_theProfessional_Flyer

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