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Vista Apex invites you to ‘pink differently’ with its next generation curing light

By Dental Tribune USA
September 18, 2020

The PinkWave, available from Vista Apex, is the next generation of curing lights, equipped with patented QuadWave Technology that decreases composite shrinkage by up to 37 percent, simultaneously increasing hardness by up to 23 percent.

According to Vista Apex, QuadWave technology leverages four different wavelengths to elevate performance: UV, blue, red and near-infrared (NIR), making PinkWave the first of its kind.

The PinkWave curing light is available from Vista Apex. (Photo: Vista Apex)

According to the company, PinkWave dominates the competition with features like its curing area, the largest on the market at 113m2. For clinicians, this allows full curing of any size restoration in a single curing cycle, the company said. Due to its slim design and decreased weight, PinkWave is easily accessible for posterior restorations without creating patient discomfort, the company said.

PinkWave also features a built-in transilluminator for crack and caries detection, offering improved diagnostic capabilities, the company said. This curing light features three modes (standard, ramp, boost). The output of PinkWave is 1640mW/cm2 on standard and ramp and 1865mW/cm2 on boost mode.

“PinkWave from Vista Apex makes doing dentistry more fun and productive,” said Dr. Bryan Laskin. “It is rare to have a product in dentistry that disrupts a technology that has been stagnant for over a decade and is incredibly affordable. PinkWave improves curing across the entire spectrum of which I use to evaluate new dental products; clinical quality, the patient experience, productivity and team health.”

More information about the PinkWave curing light is available online, at

About Vista Apex

Vista Apex, headquartered in Racine, Wis., is a market leader in endodontic and restorative solutions. Having been a market leader in endodontic solutions, Vista Dental was looking to apply its chemical and biomedical expertise to its restorative line. With the acquisition of Apex Dental Materials, an innovation powerhouse was formed. Together, the Vista Apex team has a passion for being a trusted partner that provides quality solutions for clinicians.

(Source: Vista Apex)

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