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Rationale versus rationalizations

August 29, 2009

I interpret the use of a rationale as a well-reasoned description of the positive reasons we favor a concept, technique or even philosophical point of view. Rationalization, on the other hand, represents the manipulation of facts to favor a concept, technique or a philosophical point of view that is inimical to the truth that is the supposed goal of the process. 

Keep the economic crunch from biting your practice

August 27, 2009

As many of us have observed or experienced firsthand, the economy isn’t doing so great these days. Patients are delaying treatment. They are looking for lower cost options. If patients perceive an appointment isn’t particularly necessary, chances are they will find an excuse to cancel or reschedule. Consequently, practices are scrambling to fill cancellations, and no-shows are on the rise. 

Fiscally fit: Tax breaks and limited-time laws make 2009 the right time to invest in your practice

August 27, 2009

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 was signed into law on 17 February with some of the best benefits having limited remaining time eligibility. Small business owners have limited time in 2009 to benefit from the most lucrative tax incentives for acquiring technology and/or equipment. 

Pest control in gums gardening: Locally applied antimicrobials as adjuncts to nonsurgical periodontal therapy

August 13, 2009

Success in gardening depends partially on pest control. The use of chemicals to inhibit pest growth often yields a healthier crop. Periodontal therapy is to gums as pest control is to soil. The focused use of chemotherapeutics as antimicrobials can enhance the outcomes of nonsurgical periodontal therapy, resulting in healthier mouths for our patients. 

Five more of the top 10 reasons why associateships fail

August 10, 2009

The ‘American Dream’ is still to own a home. The ‘Dentist’s Dream’ continues to be the ownership of a practice. Thirty years ago, the ‘Dream’ was to graduate from dental school, buy equipment, hang out a shingle and start practicing. Today the road to ownership is a little different. 

‘To elevate dentistry around the world …’

August 10, 2009

In an interview with Dental Tribune America, Dr Sam Kherani, president of the International Association of Comprehensive Aesthetics, discusses the organization he leads, as well as its mission and annual conference. 

Enhancing teamwork through ‘team play’

August 10, 2009

Teams are becoming increasingly important in today’s organizations. Whether they are striving to improve quality, increase efficiency or focus on customer satisfaction, people support what they are involved in.  

Informatics and IT in dentistry: a look forward (part two)

August 10, 2009

In this article, we conclude the interview Dr John O’Keefe, editor of the Journal of the Canadian Dental Association, conducted with Dr Titus Schleyer, associate professor and director of the Center for Dental Informatics, University of Pittsburgh. This part takes a look at the impact of information technology (IT) on dental education, including continuing education, the future of the practice of dentistry and opportunities for organized dentistry. 


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