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To retire or not to retire?

November 12, 2009

I am a 1965 graduate of NYU College of Dentistry, and I practiced until 2000. I was 58 at the time and was somehow bent on retiring in my late or middle 50s when most people thought that way. Social security was available at age 62 then, and the average age men lived to was 66. My dad died at that age and so did most of my friends’ fathers. Thus, I figured I could have a good 10 years to live the “really good life.” Boy has that changed.

Linden explains canal anatomy

November 10, 2009

Dentists are always interested in learning about ways to improve the care they provide their patients. At lectures and hands-on workshops across the country, they gather to learn from experts in their respective fields. One such expert, Dr Jeffrey Linden of New York City, has been sharing his expertise for some time now on endodontic technique and equipment.

New dental treatment is featured on TV program

October 30, 2009

NEW YORK, NY, USA: Dental treatment with Icon, a new dental system offered by DMG America, was recently demonstrated on the television program The Doctors. Icon is a product for the treatment of incipient caries and white spots that involves no drilling.

Patient appeal ratings: The science behind Web sites that work

October 29, 2009

Cosmetic dentists are clinical perfectionists. To an extraordinary degree, you take personal pride in the smiles you restore and think of the patients wearing these smiles as walking advertisements for your work. Until now, there has been a dearth of information regarding what consumers care about and how they respond to cosmetic dentists’ sites. No longer.

Dental hygiene for dependent adults

October 23, 2009

I think it’s safe to say that, in general, the oral care of dependent adults is bad. Perhaps the word horrible is more accurate, or abysmal, shameful, poor, dreadful, terrible or awful and possibly even awe full! The teeth, broken, malaligned and stained, are covered with a thick coating of biofilm, once called plaque. Caregivers think this is normal. They don’t make the connection between nice teeth and their dependent charges.

Avoiding the pitfalls of implants with 3-D imaging

October 19, 2009

Once only a solution for the rich and famous, dental implants have become a popular option for people across all economic categories. Along with the popularization of this procedure, while implants were usually delegated to specialists, technology, such as in-office cone-beam scans and digital imaging allow general practitioners to offer this type of service while also avoiding the pitfalls that result from a lack of precise information.

Predictable apical microsurgery: Patient preparation (Part 1)

October 13, 2009

Surgery will never replace solid endodontic principles and should always be a last resort. Apical microsurgery consists of nine basic steps that must be completely performed in their proper order so we can achieve the desired result for our efforts.

Removal of warm carrier-based products with the Twisted File

October 13, 2009

“Does anyone have any advice on how to remove Thermafil with twisted files?” Recently, I received this question via e-mail from a colleague. Thermafil is a warm carrier-based obturation product of Dentsply Tulsa Dental Specialties (Tulsa, OK, USA). The Twisted File (TF) is a product of SybronEndo, (Orange, CA, USA).


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