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Immediate single-tooth replacement, provisionalization

March 29, 2010

With more than 40 years of clinical evidence, titanium endosseous implants have become an acceptable (evidence-based) form of treatment to replace natural teeth and should be considered as an alternative to either a partial denture or bridge. Immediate implant placement with simultaneous immediate function or immediate loading has been gaining momentum during recent years and can be a very predictable method in providing implant treatment for our patients.

Diode lasers: The soft tissue handpiece

March 25, 2010

While dental lasers have been commercially available for several decades and their popularity among patients is unparalleled, the dental profession has taken to this treatment modality rather slowly. Lasers have been thoroughly documented in the dental literature. They are an exciting technology, widely used in medicine, kind to tissues, and excellent for healing.

Does anyone care about oral care?

March 23, 2010

Too often oral health care providers are appalled by the oral condition of residents from long term care facilities brought to the clinics. We oral health care providers are disgusted by the weeks of food and debris collected in the vestibules of those unaware it’s there. We cannot fathom someone coming to the office not having brushed their teeth, at least in the last year. We fume, we fret, we write nasty notes to the facility and feel righteously indignant. We also get positive feedback from our colleagues who have also seen the same thing.

How can hygienists ‘straighten up’?

March 17, 2010

Hygienists are the health drivers for the dental practice. We are very fortunate to be able to create lasting relationships with our patients. We see our patients many times per year. At each visit, we perform comprehensive oral cancer examinations, thorough periodontal examinations and caries screenings. We listen to our patients’ questions, educate and motivate. We recommend and explain treatment and listen to our patients’ wants and desires. Many patients want straight, white teeth, but they do not discuss this with the dentist.

Troubleshooting calcified canals: clinical case review

March 17, 2010

The patient pictured in Figure 1 was referred because the first clinician could not locate the canal(s). The patient had pain when chewing on #13 and mild spontaneous pain leading to a diagnosis of a non-vital pulp before referral. The referring doctor accessed the tooth without canal location. The patient was subsequently referred.

An endodontic absurdity

March 17, 2010

Over time, it has become increasingly clear that teaching K-files is devoid of common sense and makes endodontics more difficult and fraught with procedural mishaps. Such a statement might be met with outrage by those who teach the use of K-files, but I would ask them to ask themselves (if no one else) what has been the greatest impetus for the introduction of rotary NiTi.

Tooth wear and new technology to manage dentin hypersensitivity

March 17, 2010

Dentin hypersensitivity is growing in incidence and can be a major concern for patients. The dentin is normally covered by enamel or cementum. As a result of a number of factors — e.g., abrasion or periodontal disease causing gingival recession, or erosion, the underlying dentin and dentin tubules can become exposed (See Figure 1).

Levin shares his views on challenges facing dentists

March 17, 2010

Dental practice management consulting company Levin Group is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. Founded in 1985 by Dr Roger P. Levin, a third-generation dentist, the company has grown from a small, part-time business into one of the leading dental consulting firms in the world. We recently spoke with Dr Levin, chairman and CEO of Levin Group, to see how Levin Group has changed and to get his views on the challenges dentists face today.


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