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The decision to be exceptional

April 28, 2014

If you want to make sure your patients receive an exceptional experience from the day they decide to call your practice to the day their treatment ends, you need to make a decision. You must decide to go above and beyond normal operations, to think of new ways to impress your patients and to work a little bit harder and a little bit longer than the office down the street.

Take your practice into the matrix

April 28, 2014

Most orthodontic practices have a well-established and growing set of reports that look at their business from multiple angles. With every software update, orthodontists may get better at capturing and reporting on patient schedules, billing cycles, treatment length, new starts, pending care, capital expenditures, office leasing and patient communications.

How well do you know your practice’s business fundamentals?

April 22, 2014

Pop quiz: Do you know — right now — the biggest pulse points affecting your business in 2014? If your answer is “Sure, I can figure that out,” or “Yes, my treatment coordinator works on that every month,” you may want to think again. For every patient who leaves your office today with an incorrectly projected completion date or improperly set fee, so too leaves a revenue opportunity.

How to improve our diagnostic acumen: Teach it to our residents — Part II

April 21, 2014

To continue the discussion regarding what our residents are missing in his or her orthodontic training, nothing is a better teacher than personal experience(s) regarding what we do and how we do it in our practices. Expert training is a reflection on the educators and mentors in postgraduate residency programs.

Interview: ‘I’ve seen my practice grow by 120 percent’

April 6, 2014

In an interview, Dr. Leonard Tau of the Pennsylvania Center for Dental Excellence discusses his Internet marketing consulting business, how people use the Internet today, and how he uses social media channels to help build relationships with patients.

The top 5 ways to reinvent your orthodontic practice

March 4, 2014

If you’re prone to making New Year’s resolutions, you may have vowed to lose weight or exercise more often. But here are some other resolutions I think we should all make: Resolve to run your practice more efficiently and profitably. Have a more rewarding year. Reinvent the way you work. But how? Here are five things you can try this year.

Thinking outside the metal box: Why wait?

March 4, 2014

During the course of the last decade, the patient pendulum has shifted from “Do I have to wear braces?” to wanting to show off those braces via a “selfie” (also known as a self portrait with a camera at arm’s distance) that is posted to the Internet via a social media site. With this pendulum shift, there is a much stronger desire to show off a smile, face, body or unique personality, and more importantly, to describe the experience. It is a newfound freedom that all generations are taking advantage of.

Study: Improved implant surface and hygiene boost restoration success

February 25, 2014

Should a person’s teeth be saved at all costs? During the last decade, the answer has shifted from yes to no in favor of replacing diseased and damaged teeth with implants. But treatment of patients with periodontitis, inflammatory disease of ligaments and bones supporting teeth remains controversial because artificial tooth roots are more likely to fail.


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