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New dental treatment is featured on TV program

By Fred Michmershuizen, DTA
October 30, 2009

NEW YORK, NY, USA: Dental treatment with Icon, a new dental system offered by DMG America, was recently demonstrated on the television program The Doctors. Icon is a product for the treatment of incipient caries and white spots that involves no drilling.

On the program, cosmetic dentist Dr Thomas Connelly explained that white spots are actually the beginnings of a cavity and that the Icon system eliminates unsightly teeth discolorations and restores pearly whites.

“What we can do now with these white spots is intervene early and not have to cut away tooth structure later on, and stop these cavities from progressing,” Dr Connelly expained on the TV program. Dr Connelly then treated his patient, Allison, using Icon.

DMG America President George Wolfe, interviewed recently by Dental Tribune, said Icon allows doctors the ability to treat incipient lesions upon discovery, without letting the problem get worse. He said Icon is designed to bridge the gap between prevention and restoration, and to take the 'wait' out of 'wait and see.'

Icon is a caries infiltrant that uses micro-invasive technology to fill and reinforce demineralized enamel without drilling or anesthesia.

Icon can be used for both smooth and proximal surfaces, and it can also be used for the cosmetic treatment of carious white spot lesions. Treatment time per lesion is about 15 minutes.

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