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Adapting dentistry to an eco-focused world

By Jaclyn Hoexter, BA
May 04, 2020

As an eco-conscious millennial in the media world and daughter of a periodontist (exposed to more conventions and surgical PowerPoints than I’d like to admit), I was delighted to find out that oral care has turned a little bit greener.

While digitalization of surgical techniques and practices has greatly advanced sustainability in recent years, the tools that have been mass produced, such as toothpaste tubes, floss containers and plastic toothbrushes have not been part of this ecological stride. This has resulted in a mountain of non-recyclable waste over the years.

Earlier this year, I found out that Colgate had come out with the first ever vegan-certified toothpaste in a recyclable tube. In and of itself, this announcement is quite exciting and buzz-worthy; however, it was the final part of the announcement that really got people talking. Despite having dedicated the past five years to coming up with this sustainable solution, the company revealed that it will be sharing the innovative technology with competitors as part of their commitment to reducing the global presence of the most widely used forms of plastic packaging (that until now could not be recycled).

Part of what makes this announcement so exciting is that these types of tubes are not just used for toothpaste, but also for skincare and a multitude of other verticals over the years. With a powerhouse like Colgate leading the charge, the oral care industry is poised to transform its industry and beyond.

Personally, I am excited to see where it leads.

—Jaclyn Hoexter, BA (Director, Digital Investment)

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