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The AW-100 Sonic Endodontics handpiece is available from Micron Corp. (Photo: Micron Corp.)

A handpiece designed for root canal preparation and irrigation

By Dental Tribune USA
October 13, 2020

The AW-100 is an air-driven handpiece specifically designed for root canal preparation and irrigation. Its major characteristics, as described by Micron Corp., the company behind the product, are as follows.

The AW-100 provides users effective and efficient root canal treatments, the company said. Especially the strong sonic vibration (2,000-3,000 Hz) greatly exhibits a high irrigation effect in root canals. The vibration generates high-speed stream and bubbles of water, and those are delivered to the entire root canal including accessory canals and isthmuses to wash off smear layer, pulp tissue and debris. This is the key to the long-term success of endodontic treatments.

The AW-100 Sonic Endodontics handpiece is available from Micron Corp. (Photo: Micron Corp.)

The AW-100 has a power control ring, and it can adjust the sonic vibration to suit instruments in use or root canal shapes.

The very compact head of the instrument holder allows fine-tuned treatments and easy access to root canals without obstructing the view. It is also effectively used for treatments under microscopes, the company said.

The instrument holder is adaptive to various types of rotary files with a shank diameter of 2.35 mm, which a lot of endodontists frequently use. Users can choose the optimal file according to the treatment plan.

The AW-100 is a patient-friendly device, the company said. It is powered by compressed air, so it will not generate electromagnetic waves that could affect the human body. It is safe to use especially for people who have pacemakers, the company said.

Micron Corp., manufacturer of the AW-100, was established in Tokyo in 1976. Its core technology is the air-driven sonic vibration system based on aerodynamics, and that has been utilized in all the company’s products, such as endodontic handpieces, air scalers, air polishers and three-way syringes. Micron Corp. prides itself on providing the highest quality products and it will always take into consideration clinical benefits to users and patients, the company said.

For more information, call a dealer, Handpiece Solutions Inc. at (888) 488-3885, visit or visit Micron Corp. at

(Source: Micron Corp.)

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