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CJM Engineering introduces a truly rare diamond

April 15, 2021

In keeping with its tradition of listening to clinicians, CJM Engineering introduces the TruGrit Trough Refiner, a rare diamond, as slow-speed latch-type diamonds are uncommon and, until now, non-existent with these distinct features.

Advances in diaphanization and photography reveal wonders of dental pulp chamber

October 14, 2020

Many readers will be familiar with Craig Barrington, DDS, whose photography has been featured on the cover of roots a number of times over the years. His images also appeared in Endo Tribune along with an interview (see “The immense variability of human tooth anatomy,” Endo Tribune, December 2016, Vol. 11, No. 4, Page 1).

A handpiece designed for root canal preparation and irrigation

October 13, 2020

The AW-100 is an air-driven handpiece specifically designed for root canal preparation and irrigation. Its major characteristics, as described by Micron Corp., the company behind the product, are as follows.

Vista Apex invites you to ‘pink differently’ with its next generation curing light

September 18, 2020

The PinkWave, available from Vista Apex, is the next generation of curing lights, equipped with patented QuadWave Technology that decreases composite shrinkage by up to 37 percent, simultaneously increasing hardness by up to 23 percent.

SkyPulse Er:YAG laser platform

September 17, 2020

Available from Fotona, the SkyPulse Er:YAG laser platform comes in two variations: SkyPulse Endo Plus and SkyPulse Endo Pro.

Case report: The use of Bio-C Sealer and Bio-C Repair in periapical surgery

April 3, 2020

Abstract: This case report aims to present a clinical case in which periapical surgery with root-end filling was performed with the use of new bioceramic-based sealers. The ease handle of these materials was verified as well as a fast bone repair in a short period. It was concluded, and, if the results are maintained in the long term, these sealers may be the first choice for these clinical procedures.

Principle-driven endodontics: Proven case results

March 22, 2019

This article was written to demonstrate that the application of proven literature and/or evidence-based endodontic principles leads to excellent clinical results, irrespective of the materials used. We will describe the key points to achieving excellent results in initial non-surgical endodontic treatment in the key areas of diagnosis, shaping, irrigation, obturation and restoration.

Interview: ‘The immense variability of human tooth anatomy’

November 20, 2016

With his high-definition photography of complex root canal systems, Dr. Craig Barrington, who practices dentistry in Waxahachie, Texas, is developing quite a name for himself. Just check out his presence on Facebook, at craiggbarringtondds. In an interview with Endo Tribune, Barrington talks about how he captures these high-definition endodontic images and how he uses them to increase his knowledge and help improve the level of care he provides to his patients.


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