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Finger-Rest Periotomes

Zoll-Dental would like to introduce you to its exclusive Finger-Rest Periotomes. Differing from a standard periotome because of the addition of a finger rest, it allows for greater comfort while inserting the periotome between the tooth and bone to cut the periodontal ligament.

By cutting the ligament, there is less tissue trauma, thus leaving a more pristine site after tooth extraction. Unlike standard-angled periotomes where pressure is placed on the handle, putting strain on the instrument’s bend, the Finger-Rest allows for directional downward pressure to ease this strain.

The direct pressure also provides better control and comfort for the operator.

The Zoll-Dental Finger-Rest Periotomes are 100 percent made in the United States, have a titanium nitride coating for better edge retention and a slicker surface to ease insertion.

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