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Ionolux is a new light cured resin modified glass ionomer restorative that offers unique physical attributes that benefit both the practitioner and the patient. These benefits include composite-like esthetics, an ability to be condensed, shaped and sculpted immediately after application, non-stick handling and improved physical properties for better longevity. Ionolux’s enhanced esthetics uniquely allows the practitioner to deliver a fluoride releasing restorative without sacrificing the esthetics. This enables practitioners to offer a higher quality of care especially for at-risk demographics such as the pediatric and geriatric populations. Ionolux is radiopaque and does not require the use of any adhesive or dentin conditioner.

With five shades that include A1, A2, A3, A3.5 and B1, Ionolux provides a biocompatible quality solution for practitioners looking for a restorative that offers composite-like esthetics, ease of application and shaping, controlled working times and fluoride release.

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