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Admira Fusion Flow

Admira Fusion Flow is the world's first all ceramic-based flowable direct restorative material. Based on the same innovative nano-ORMOCER technology as its packable version, Admira Fusion, Admira Fusion Flow offers many of the same advantages. These include up to 50 percent less shrinkage and shrinkage stress, extreme color stability, and a new level of biocompatibility.

The innovative combination of nano-hybrid technology and ORMOCER (ORganically MODified CERamic) technology means that silicon oxide forms the chemical basis for both the fillers and the resin matrix of Admira Fusion Flow. This unique “Pure Silicate Technology” is what supports the enhanced physical properties that include its high filler content (74 percent w/w), low polymerization shrinkage (2.75 percent by volume) and low shrinkage stress (7.27 MPa). Additionally, Admira Fusion Flow is characterized by excellent biocompatibility as it contains none of the classic monomers (no BisGMA, TEGDMA, UDMA, etc.) which also means it is 100 percent BPA Free.

Admira Fusion Flow is available in the non-running, non-dripping NDT syringe patented by VOCO. This guarantees safe and precise application without material loss. The material features excellent flow properties allowing easy wetting of cavity walls. Thanks to its precise thixotropic and flow-on-demand properties, the material only flows under pressure and movement, meaning it remains stable in the cavity following application and modeling. Admira Fusion Flow can be polished effectively and is compatible with all conventional bonding agents.

Admira Fusion Flow is available in 12 shades that have been perfectly matched to fit the shade range of the condensable version of Admira Fusion. Furthermore, Admira Fusion Flow offers both a Bleach Light (BL) and White Opaque (WO) shade for use with unique or special cases such as bleached teeth and discolored dentin found in pediatric dentistry.

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