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Buccal Plate Preservation: una nuova tecnica per ottimizzare il risultato estetico nell’inserimento di impianti singoli

Questo webinar propone una revisione della letteratura sulla socket preservation e un’analisi delle tecniche e materiali usati in questa procedura rigenerativa.

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Management of White Spot Lesion Prevention for a Patient under Ortho Treatment

Jung-Wei Chen DDS, MS, MS, PhD, FACD

Management of White Spot Lesion Prevention for a Patient under Ortho Treatment

14 Nov 2019, 02:00 AM Rome

Describe the formation of white spot lesions Provide treatment options from non-invasive to restorative for treating white lesions Provide basic knowledge for oral healthcare professions Participants will learn: Beware of the white spot lesions They are preventable and treatable

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While almost every dental lab is utilizing 3-D print technology, more and more dentists are beginning to adopt this technology to save time and money, especially to manufacture splints, surgical guides and models. Compared to general consumer-oriented printers, VOCO’s compact desktop dental 3-D printer was custom-engineered for the dental office and excels thanks to higher printing speeds, more accuracy and the ability to print truly clear orthodontic appliances.

VOCO has introduced Grandio blocs, the new 86 percent filled nano-ceramic resin hybrid CAD/CAM block indicated for crowns, inlays/onlays, veneers and implant-supported crowns. With a combination of optimal tooth-like physical properties, category-leading compressive strength, extremely low water absorption and natural esthetics with enhanced color stability, Grandio blocs provide a new solution for practitioners and labs looking to streamline CAD/CAM processes and deliver high-quality restorations, according to the company.

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