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Easing chairside stress with Assure Plus

As the demographics of orthodontic patients shift to include an increasingly larger number of adults, artificial substrate preparation becomes a major topic of discussion for clinicians. One of Reliance Orthodontics’ flagship products — Assure — has been the answer for so many difficult bonding situations for the past 15 years.

It is no secret that the foundation of artificial substrate bonding lies in a good mechanical preparation. Traditional methods included using a rotary instrument such as a diamond bur, greenstone or disc to roughen the tooth surface. Although these methods slightly changed the appearance of such non-enamel surfaces, the resulting mechanical retention was very poor.

Reliance now offers a kit that will produce sufficient strength for chairside bonding, regardless of the substrate involved. The ASK (All Surface Kit) only includes three components: Assure Plus, Porcelain Conditioner and an Etchmaster microetcher.

The Etchmaster is a small sleek design that allows easy access to the posterior and very little cleanup when used with a high-speed evacuation, according to Reliance. Simply unscrew your handpiece from a high- or low-speed air line, attach the Etchmaster sandblaster, insert the preloaded tips (filled with 50 microns) and begin sandblasting. Clinicians now can eliminate all other artificial surface primers as well as numerous different protocols. With the All Surface Kit, all non-enamel substrates are handled with only two protocols:

1) Porcelain — Sandblast, rinse and dry. Apply one coat of porcelain conditioner. Wait one minute. Apply Assure Plus, dry and light cure.

2) Composite, zirconia, gold, amalgam, stainless steel, acrylic temporary pontic teeth — Sandblast rinse and dry. Apply Assure Plus, dry and light cure.


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