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Porter Silhouette Nasal Mask

Invented by oral surgeon Dr. Robert Guyette DMD, MD, the Porter Silhouette Nasal Mask is the first truly innovative new product for nitrous oxide use in decades, according to the company. Nothing like it exists.

Imagine a nasal hood that does not obstruct access to the oral cavity. Imagine a nasal hood that is so lightweight the patient barely notices it. Imagine a nasal hood that delivers and scavenges nitrous oxide more efficiently than any other nasal hood. Imagine a nasal hood that provides predictable results for the dentist and a pleasant experience for the patient, the company asserts

The imagination is over — the Porter Silhouette will revolutionize how nitrous oxide is used in the dental practice.

The Porter Silhouette is a single patient use disposable nasal mask and circuit. Featuring four size options (pediatric, small, medium and large), the Silhouette is designed with the lowest possible profile, making it easier for you to work around. A built-in capnography luer lock connection allows for a connection to your vital signs monitor while using nitrous oxide.

In addition to the innovative shape and design, Silhouette has an adhesive strip for the bridge of the patient’s nose — securing the mask in place. This virtually eliminates gas flowing into the patient’s eyes and more effectively scavenges the exhaled gas, addressing the concern of health-care provider safety. Infrared videos demonstrating this efficiency can be viewed on the Porter website at

Silhouette also allows for the efficient and effective administration of nitrous oxide, creating a more predictable analgesic experience for each patient, according to the company. Dentists may find they can actually use less gas, as the potential for the patient to inhale ambient air is diminished when using the Silhouette Nasal Mask.

As a single use disposable product (both the mask and 36-inch tubing), set up and room turnover times can be improved. There is also less time needed for infection control protocols (compared with standard nitrous breathing circuits).

Dentists and staff can now benefit from using nitrous oxide and oxygen in the practice — and work more efficiently with the new Porter Silhouette Nasal Mask, the company asserts.


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