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Nobel Biocare


Nobel Biocare’s portfolio includes a wide variety of products, ranging from single tooth solutions to complete edentulous indications that require full dental implant systems, as well as an extensive range of individualised prosthetics, CAD/CAM systems, treatment planning, guided surgery solutions and biomaterials. The company also provides dental professionals with functional and natural-looking tooth restorations for their patients.

Nobel Biocare NobelProcera 2G System

It is this extensive expertise that Nobel Biocare has utilized to develop the new NobelProcera 2G System.

Nobel Biocare NobelParallel Conical Connection

A simply straightforward implant system. Exceptional versatility for universal use.

Nobel Biocare NobelGuide

With NobelGuide clinicians can choose to complete the whole surgery fully guided, or to use a surgical template just for pilot drilling.

Nobel Biocare NobelProcera Scan and Design Services

With more than 300 million edentulous patients worldwide, the opportunity for dental professionals to improve patients’ quality of life is huge.

Nobel Biocare NobelClinician Practice Setup

NobelClinician is now available in a new format that comprises a multi-license package, which can be tailored to your specific needs.

Nobel Biocare NobelProcera FCZ Implant Crown

Reduce complexity and risks with the new NobelProcera FCZ (full-contour zirconia) Implant Crown.

Nobel Biocare creos allo.protect – pericardium membrane

creos allo.protect is a fully resorbable allogenic pericardium membrane for guided bone regeneration (GBR) and guided tissue regeneration (GTR) procedures.

Nobel Biocare creos allo.gain and creos allo.protect

A trusted source of dental allograft materials.

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