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Spaceline EMCIA

Spaceline EMCIA

The relaxed form of efficient treatment

With its ergonomic-functional treatment unit Spaceline EMCIA, the company Morita
provides you with more freedom of movement when treating your patients.
The user-oriented concept promotes a healthy physiological posture and supports
your natural movement processes in each treatment situation. Spaceline EMCIA
unites comfort and functionality – for an efficient and relaxed working environment.


Back-friendly movements during each treatment phase

Around 90 % of all dentists have suffered at least once from work-related neck and
back pain. In nearly 70 % of these cases, the symptoms occur within one week – and in
50 % of the cases after just four hours of treatment.

The Spaceline EMCIA treatment unit reduces physical strain on your body to a minimum.
Designed in accordance with the ergonomic treatment concept of Dr. Daryl Beach,
this workplace enables you to work in a relaxed state and from an upright sitting posture
at treatment positions between 10:00 and 12:30 o’clock.

Optimum treatment processes in smallest spaces

Spaceline EMCIA promises maximum freedom of movement in the smallest of spaces.
The well-conceived concept focuses on movements within the treatment environment
and guarantees optimum working conditions. The space-saving concept of Spaceline
EMCIA opens up numerous possibilities of room design for you:
You can use small practice rooms or position several treatment units within the available
space using your own interior design to create adequate privacy for your patients.

Everything for a relaxed patient

Spaceline EMCIA uses state-of-the-art technology and functional design to help you
meet your patients’ demands when it comes to comfort and safety.


Model options and specifications
There are three Spaceline EMCIA models:

  • Spaceline EMCIA for orthodontists (without tray), basic configuration (Art.-No. 2604)
  • Spaceline EMCIA SMT (Shoulder-mounted-tray), basic configuration (Art.-No. 2604-SMT)
  • Spaceline EMCIA PdW (PdW-Tray, dentist’s element), basic configuration (Art.-No. 2604-PdW)




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