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H255E bone cutter

Among the specialty products introduced at the most recent International Dental Show in Cologne, Germany, was Komet USA’s H255E cylindrical, small-dimension bone cutter. According to the company, it is designed to maximize cutting performance and is ideally suited for minimally invasive procedures.

With a 1.2-mm diameter and a 6-mm-long blade, the Komet H255E bone cutter features: exceptionally sharp, cross-cut toothing; large chip spaces; and long cutting edges along its cylindrical working portion, facilitating intuitive, tactile operation, according to the company. The small-dimension instrument is particularly effective for fine and/or linear bone cuts as well as for hemisections, axial bone perforations, crestal opening of the alveolar ridge and apicoectomies.

Allowing conservative yet effective preparations and distinguished by its long service life, the H255E is the cylindrically shaped counterpart of the established Komet H254E tapered combination instrument that offers gentle preparation of bone tissue and hard tooth substance.

The H255E bone cutter incorporates a black, identifying color band to indicate its particular sharpness.

Also among the Komet instrument innovations featured at the International Dental Show was the H162ST (“saber tooth”) bone cutter, described as “a new generation of oral-surgery instruments.”

Applying the knowledge and experience gained from its successful developments in the medical sector to the needs of dentistry, Komet has incorporated the blade geometry of its renowned cranial-surgery instruments into a new tungsten-carbide rotary instrument specifically designed for oral surgery, producing the new ST configuration for proven effectiveness.

The H162ST’s innovative toothing provides the sharpness, cutting behavior and maximal control required for bone cuts during osteotomies, osteoplasty procedures, bone and bone-lid preparations, apicoectomies and hemisections, according to the company.


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