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Ceramic cutters

Komet USA’s exclusive line of ceramic cutters has been expanded and now includes the large-diameter K251GSQ.HP.060 cutter. Engineered with pronounced, cross-cut GSQ toothing, the new cutter is ideally suited for work on soft acrylics and other materials that tend to clog similarly constructed, non-ceramic instruments; it is the instrument of choice when working on soft-denture relines, artificial gingiva, positioners, and athletic mouth guards. In addition, the large diameter enables the cutter to operate at the optimal high speeds needed for efficient, superior-quality work on large surfaces.

With bright white heads constructed of durable, high-performance ceramic, Komet USA’s renowned ceramic cutters, offered in GSQ or ACR toothing, pair intuitive, gentle operation with absolute precision for shaping, trimming, and cutting. Suitable for use in dental practices and labs, the cutters resist clogging and, because they produce minimal heat build-up during operation, inhibit material deformation and operator injury. Resistant to the corrosive effects of harsh chemicals often used in reprocessing, the precise, smooth-running ceramic instruments maintain a brilliant white color throughout their long service life, and the blades retain their sharpness for an extended period.

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