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Keystone Industries, U.S.-based manufacturer of the Itsoclear Clasp and numerous dental laboratory products, has launched a new clear thermoplastic resin, Clearmet. The company describes it as being “the clear choice for esthetically pleasing and clear partial dentures.” It is available through the majority of the dental industry’s top dealers and distributors.

This new resin is made of monomer-free material that has been tested to show no known allergic reactions.

According to the company, the material sets itself apart by being stain-resistant, odor-free and practically invisible inside the patient’s mouth. And like Clearmet’s popular partner the Itsoclear Clasp, it is easy to be adjusted, relined and repaired.

Dr. Dan Schwartz, who has been using the Clearmet material for a few years while developing the product with Keystone, said, “Clearmet is the next generation to the partial denture. The material is great to work with, and the fit is spot on. When adjustments are necessary, they are simple to do chairside. Patient response has been outstanding.”

Michael Prozzillo, Keystone’s vice president of sales, worked with Schwartz on ensuring wide availability of Clearmet at launch. “It’s truly a product that has been tested through and through that works, works well, and makes a different to end users,” Prozzillo said.

Clearmet is available in two sizes, both considered industry standards: small and medium. Both the small (1.77”, 25.5mm x 45mm) and medium (3.03”, 25.5mm x 77m) come in packages of five tubes, and suggested retail prices are $55.75 and $68.05, respectively.

One of the main goals of Clearmet has been to improve not only smiles, but also lives. According to thecompany, Clearmet is creating beautiful smiles for patients who were previously too uncomfortable to smile with a metal framework.

“I can tell you without any reservations that this material is by far the best, most comfortable, lightest partial denture material I have ever used,” said Dr. Louis Trovato of Hatboro, Pa. “The patient response has been outstanding, and I’m positive I’ll never go back to any other material.”

Not only are doctors thrilled to use Clearmet, but dental labs are, too, according to the company. “It’s not only the easiest material I have worked with, but superior results make it by far the best,” said Frank Ricciardi, owner of RDL Dental Lab. “You don’t need any special equipment and it’s extremely easy to polish. It’s saved my lab a lot of time and stress.”

Keystone’s Clearmet resin is available now through most dental dealers and distributors in North America, Latin America and Europe. Clearmet can be purchased through a preferred dental dealer on the Keystone Industries website. To learn more, get up-to-the-minute updates and order through a dealer, you can visit

Keystone Industries, a privately held company founded in 1908, has maintained a strong reputation for producing innovative, high-tech dental products in both the operatory, laboratory and preventative realms, according to the company.

The company asserts that its dedication is driven by the need to provide customers with the finest quality materials while developing products that meet and surpass customer expectations.

For more information on Clearmet and other Keystone Industries dental products, you can visit Keystone Industries websites at and You also can follow it on Twitter, @KeystoneInd and on Instagram, @KeystoneIndustries.


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