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The removable partial denture market is as diversified as ever. Partial denture demand is on the increase despite what many thought would be a declining market in dentistry. With many partial denture material companies fighting to get a slice of the market, it seems apparent that one thing is still in the minds of patients who need these types of restorations. Patients are looking for a partial denture that is cosmetic and esthetic and one that does make it not look like they are wearing a partial denture.

While there is still a need for cases with metal frameworks in certain case scenarios, there are also other options, including nylon-based flexible partials and thermoplastic partials. But what if there were a material which visibly disappeared in the mouth, exposing only the natural look of quality denture teeth and acrylic while providing excellent function and unsurpassed natural esthetics for the patient?

Thanks to Keystone Industries, this material patients and doctors alike desire is available. The product, called Clearmet, provides the patient with that exact high-quality esthetic and functional result described above.

Clearmet is a revolutionary new clear thermoplastic resin specifically designed for durability and biocompatibility. The material is intended for use in an injection-molding process. Unlike conventional metal partials, Clearmet is an ultra-transparent framework. Patients can now enjoy a lightweight partial without a metal taste or undesirable metal clasps showing on their teeth. No one will ever know a partial denture restoration is being worn.

Clearmet is made of FDA-approved, monomer-free material that has no known allergic reactions. The nonporous, bacteria- and stain-resistant material means there will be no odors given off as well.

The goal of Clearmet is not only to improve smiles but, more importantly, to improve lives. Patients will be more confident than ever to flash their new appearance. Clearmet is the only “clear choice” for denture partials.

Some unique Clearmet features include:

  • Frame is invisible in the mouth.
  • Stain-resistant, odor-free material.
  • Clasps are adjustable with a warm three-prong plier, making it easy to adjust chairside.
  • Can be relined and repaired in saddle areas.
  • Clasps are tooth bearing, not tissue bearing.
  • 90 percent into undercut creates excellent retention.


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