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XTend ceramic kits and turbines for high-speed handpieces

With the XTend™ ceramic line of turbines and kits, ProScore offers dentists the best quality do-it-yourself products for high-speed handpieces in the market.

Not only are XTend ceramic products backed with the best warranties in the business —one year for turbines and six months for rebuild kits — XTend products outperform steel bearings, last longer and produce less noise and vibration.

The Ceramic Bearing Technology incorporated in XTend ceramic products provides many handpiece performance benefits:

  • Reduced wear: ceramic balls are twice as hard as steel balls.
  • Increased durability: ceramic balls are 40 percent lighter than steel balls, which reduces the internal forces and loads caused by high-speed rotation.
  • Longer life: ceramic bearings perform better than steel under marginal lubrication.
  • Quieter and smoother operation: noise and vibration are reduced as a result of lower loads.

ProScore’s other EZ Solutions offer dentists various do-it-yourself repair and maintenance options.

EZ Press III™ and EZ Rebuild™ Kits

The EZ Press III Repair System is the answer to the high costs and downtime associated with sending high-speed handpieces out to be repaired. Allowing the dentist to easily change those parts that have worn out, the EZ Press III utilizes simple procedures, requires no guesswork and ensures precision placement of the bearings on the spindle.

EZ Install™ Turbines

For an instant repair, dentists can replace cartridges chairside with EZ Install Turbines, which are manufactured with the highest quality parts and quality assurance procedures in the market, including dynamic balancing. The result is a high-performance, long-lasting turbine that outlasts others in the market.

Smart Cleaner

Smart Cleaner is a one-of-a-kind maintenance tool that not only helps prevent residue buildup in handpieces and coupler waterlines, but also clears away obstructions if they occur. Simply connect the handpiece or coupler to the Smart Cleaner and activate the hand pump to clear obstructions and debris.

EZ Care™ Cleaner and Lubricant

EZ Care Cleaner was formulated to flush debris and remove build-up from the handpiece’s internal rotating parts, improving long-term handpiece performance and sterilization efficacy.

EZ Care Lubricant has been designed to minimize bearing wear and to resist corrosion. When used together, EZ Care Cleaner and Lubricant ensure that handpieces and accessories will achieve maximum longevity and maintain optimum performance.

ProScore has been dedicated to do-it-yourself handpiece repair and maintenance since entering the dental market more than 15 years ago as Score International.

Now ProScore is part of Henry Schein’s “Family of PROs,” which includes ProRepair and ProService, to offer you the best fit for your repair needs.



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