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Insight Endo and Channels endodontic system

Progressively tapered NiTi rotary files have represented a significant improvement in root canal preparation procedures. These files were specifically designed to provide flexibility, efficiency and greater safety. The unique design features of the NiTi rotary files enables clinicians to more consistently create uniformly tapered shapes in anatomically difficult or significantly curved canals. The flexibility and the instrument design allow the files to closely follow the original root canal path. Studies have consistently shown that root canal preparation in permanent teeth with NiTi is efficient and effective.[1–3]

What’s so special about nickel titanium (NiTi) alloy? It is an alloy that exists in two crystal structures, austenite and martensite; thermal transitions from one crystal to the other make NiTi super elastic and allow it to hold its shape. Highly elastic instruments reduce the forces between the file and the canal wall during instrumentation. This results in the file remaining within the center of the root canal space and reducing the risk of canal straightening or other preparation errors.

Henry Schein Dental is launching Insight Endo™ and the new Channels™ product line, an endodontic system that features nickel-titanium rotary files, advanced carrier-based obturators, stainless-steel hand instruments and accessory products. The system was designed with the clinician in mind, making endodontic procedures more efficient and cost-effective. The products combine time-tested foundational methods with cutting-edge technological advancements to enhance precision and efficiency.

With enhanced flexibility and the intelligent tapering design of our NiTi rotary files, along with the seamless compatibility of the system’s other components, Channels will enable you to navigate with confidence. Channels instruments are smart, versatile and easily adapt to navigate any root canal, no matter how complex.

Channels is accessible to all who wish to improve the endodontic experience for dentist and patient. Efficiency is important, technologically and financially, which is why Channels products are offered at a significant savings to the dental practice.

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