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  1. Rachel Hall says:

    could you explain more about the pros and cons of a dental implant and what is involved to get one placed


    buenas tardes con son los proximos postgrados les asludo desde ecuador

  3. Lo Vecchio Fabio says:

    Molto interessante

  4. Nicole Anderson says:


    I would love to learn more about your study. I work with children with ASD and currently one of our kiddos needs a desensitization program for visiting the dentist. I would love to learn about your protocol to see if it might be beneficial for my kiddo. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you,

  5. Dr Ritu Rastogi says:

    Very nice. Your eco-friendly products are most welcoming change in today’s scenario.
    Are the products available in India??

  6. Serban Veres says:


  7. Nicole Rodríguez says:

    Buenas tardes, quisiera información sobre el postgrado de endodoncia. Muchas gracias

  8. Congratulations Dr Rajiv for this achievement!! Looking forward to reading DT, south asia!!!

  9. Salvador Rios-Almejo says:

    I would like this treatment is there any peridontist who currently performs this procedure?

  10. Kasper Mussche says:

    Dear Mr Wentzel, as requested, the references to the interview:

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