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Hahn Tapered Implant Guided Surgery System

As patient demand for dental implant treatment continues to grow, more clinicians are being presented with the opportunity to perform implant services in their own practice. The Hahn Tapered Implant Guided Surgery System enables clinicians of all experience levels to deliver premium Hahn Tapered Implants with the utmost precision and confidence.

The instrumentation kit enables the clinician to easily organize, transport and sterilize the surgical tools. Color-coded bands correspond to implant diameter, matching the color of the implant carrier. Tissue punches match the diameter of the prescribed implant. Drills are diameter-specific and feature a flange stop for depth control. For added safety, each shaping drill is implant-specific to precisely determine both diameter and depth of the osteotomy.

The system works in conjunction with digital treatment planning and case-specific surgical guides, both of which are available through Glidewell Laboratories. Treatment is said to be accurate, straightforward and efficient — of reassurance to patients and dentists alike.

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